This is the most important Presidential election in our lifetime for all Americans and those countries around the world who depend on us for true leadership. If you consider yourself a true American, if you love this nation and want your rights respected as you respect those of others, if you are tired of a government living under different rules with different rewards, if you are fed up with the country being torn apart on the basis of income, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation and race all pushed by political agendas then you too want change that works for all Americans. If you are tired of constantly having to defend your right to hunt and importantly the right to own and bear arms to defend yourselves and your family, if you are sick of the PC attitude that eludes the truth and defies common sense, then this election is important to you and your family more than ever before. We’ve seen the results of almost 8 years of the most destructive, incompetent, anti-American administration in our country’s history and we’ve seen the lies, deceit and corruption a Clinton administration would bring to an already disastrous Democrat Party that has gone to the radical left.

Take a few moments to watch this video. This is about us, the sportsmen and women in the country. It is about us, the hunters and fishermen, trappers and conservationists in the country. This is about the Homeland. About us.