Will A Little Buck Pick A Fight With A Big Buck?

A Fighter, Is A Fighter, Is A Fighter!

Robert Hoague

Back when I bowhunted every year and made my whitetail deer behavior conclusions based on totally random information gathered from chance deer sightings of a hit-or-miss nature, my presumptions were not even close to the “whole story” of life in the deer woods.
Until I moved out into deer woods country where I saw deer every day I had a long list of deer beliefs, some were right, and some were way off.
For example I’d seen lots of young spikes, forky or sixer bucks spar with each other with varying degrees of intensity. But I had never observed a mature buck and a first year buck spar or fight.

However, after I moved from the city to the deer woods 20 years ago and started Bowhunting.net I’ve seen small bucks confront larger and older bucks plenty of times. Yesterday I was lucky enough to get my camera involved in just such an event. The buck I call “Cut Ear” walked through my food  plot area. A young buck cut him off and postured aggressively. Cut Ear just looked away, but the yearling sixer buck stared at Cut Ear and held his ground.

whitetail buck pictures by robert hoague

When Cut Ear looked back at him the sixer lowered his antlers and stepped towards him. Cut Ear immediately caught sixers antlers with his own and pucsed sixer backwards.

Sixer buck was out weighed and out antlered but he held in there for almost two minutes. Look at how much he is leaning into it and straining his muscles.

I zoomed in for a closer view of the antlers of the two bucks.

And, poof, the confrontation was over. Sixer browsed and Cut Ear continued on and left the area.

More Buck Photos and My Comments coming.


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