In this hotly contested election year, isn’t there enough division without bowhunters arguing among themselves from the respective fixed-blade or expandable camps? Everyone agrees both types of broadheads have advantages, so why not pick the broadhead that combines the best of both fixed-blades and mechanicals: the Bloodsport Gravedigger.

The Gravedigger has the reliability of a fixed-blade broadhead yet produces the massive wound channels of expandables by incorporating both types of blades on one super-strong ferrule. And it’s field-point accurate! Why would you shoot anything else?

Gravedigger broadheads are built around a 1-inch-cut fixed blade – a fully capable and lethal broadhead by itself. Offset 45 degrees and slightly behind the fixed blade are two cross-opening mechanical blades that create an additional 1 ¾ inches of cutting area.

The Gravedigger’s exclusive cross-opening blades are not only more reliable than traditional over-the-top mechanicals, they also use less energy to deploy. That means better penetration, more pass-throughs and easier tracking. The cross-opening design also alleviates the dreaded kick-out event associated with some mechanical broadheads on steep-angled shots.

A unique feature of Gravedigger broadheads is the adjustable deployment tension system which works perfectly for extremely light or heavy bows, including crossbows. And there are no O-rings, rubber bands or clips, which eliminates another point of failure seen in other mechanical broadheads.

Gravediggers are available in either a Trocar chisel tip or a 2-to-1 angle cut-on-contact design. Both are constructed with an all-metal ferrule in 100 or 125 grains.

Life has enough tough choices without having to worry about which type of broadhead to shoot. Bloodsport Gravedigger heads satisfy the most staunch fixed-blade and mechanical fans and are the one head endorsed by both Republicans and Democrats!


GRAVEDIGGER Broadhead Highlights:

  • Full-size fixed blade head combined with full-size mechanical
  • Chisel point or cut-on-contact
  • Field-point accurate
  • Tough and dependable
  • No O-rings, clips or rubber bands
  • Adjustable tension for low-poundage bows
  • Perfect performance from high-speed bows and crossbows

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