Robbie Cramer

Robbie Cramer

A deer lease member and long time fellow bowhunter and great friend Robbie Cramer came down the morning before the deer season opened for what the state calls “archery hunters.” Other members of the lease arrived during the day. Later we all ate dinner at the 36 restaurant and then talked later than we should have for a solid night’s sleep.

Opening weekend Robbie saw all does. On monday he hunted behind an old, falling down barn. A group of seven does came from the woods on the hill below Robbie and angled off into the woods to the south east. The last doe stopped 15 yards away.

Robbie had a shooting opportunity now and carefully drew his bow back, slow and methodical. He put his top pin on the vitals and took his shot. The doe ran down the hill and Robbie heard crash brush and it was quiet.

Thirty minutes later Robbie climbed down returned to the camp trailer, made some coffee, and texted the Duck. He came over shortly afterward and they both went to track the doe. The arrow was laying on the ground and they looked at it.

The Duck said, “The arrow is covered in blood and it’s all bubbly, this is a good shot.”

The trail was an easy track and ended in the brush 40 yards away. Later we took it to the deer processor Whaley Deer Processor in Hamilton. B.J Whaley checked it in and soon after Robbie was on his afternoon hunt.

Robbie used the new Spitfire 2-blade broadhead and it put the deer down almost immediately.