Archery at an RV Show?!?  Frank Addington Says, You bet.

By: Frank Addington Jr.

By: Frank Addington Jr.

As an exhibition archer I find myself in a variety of events every year.  I’ve performed my unique brand of “bow and arrow razzle dazzle” across the country at a variety of events.

Recently I was in Greensboro, NC for the Greensboro Fall RV Show and Sale at the Greensboro coliseum.   Although it was my first time to perform at this particular show I think I did perform there back around 2008 as part of the game old Southern Trophy Hunter Show.   After 31 years of shows I don’t always remember the venues but I feel certain that I had been to this building before.

The show featured the latest RVs and believe me they are something else.  One motor home even featured heated floors and a beautiful interior as nice as some homes.  It looked like something a country music entertainer would have as a tour bus.

They also had smaller units and campers.  One thing is for sure, folks came out to look around and loved seeing all the latest RV’s.  Camping remains a popular US activity.  Also many anglers, hunters and other sportsmen and women use campers in their outdoor pursuits.

Frank and show promoter Jeff Haughton

Frank and show promoter Jeff Haughton

I ended up doing four archery shows during the three day event.   My assistant was named Kelly and she worked at the registration booth during the show.  The show promoter brought her to the stage Friday and I taught her what to do as the show went along.  When it came time to get to the baby aspirin, I gave the audience the choice of seeing me shoot one arrow and one tablet or three baby aspirin and three arrows- behind the back.   They wanted to see the 3 pill shot.

I had Kelly toss a practice toss.  It was too high and too fast.  I asked her to slow it down a little and lightly toss them again.  This time it was perfect.  So I loaded the bow and nodded my head.  The polls floated up, and just about the time they peaked three arrows shot into them and away they went!  Nailed them first try!  The audience clapped and I asked them to please give Kelly a big hand.

The next day was Saturday and we had a good sized crowd for the first show.  This time as the pills floated up I drew back and barely missed!   The second time Kelly tossed them I nailed them as they traveled up and the crowd erupted in applause.  I signed photos and greeted the audience getting photos made with some of the folks and enjoying their visits.

During Saturday’s second show it would again be a first shot show!  I loved Greensboro and the fact that’s was now 1-2-1 on the baby aspirin.  That’s a great run given the fact that Kelly had never met me or tossed targets for me.


Sunday was my last day in Greensboro.  I was anxious to see how we would end the run of shows.  When we got to the baby aspirin part of the show, the audience was ready.  The pills floated up and my arrows looked like they went right through the pills.  They spread out and I Shot through the center of the group.  The second shot was better– this time I nailed them!

VIDEO: Watch Frank Addington shoot multiple arrows at once and hit the same target. Click on video to see it in FULL SIZE.

[fvplayer src=”″ width=”1280″ height=”720″]All in all a great run of shows in Greensboro. I’ll be doing shows for this company again next year.  In any given year you may catch my show at a Sports Show, Hunting and Fishing Expo, a Cabelas store, Church event or an RV Show.  I also do shows at fundraising activities and big game dinners.   When you are an entertainer, you go where you get booked.  It’s been my good fortune to stay busy at this gig 31 years and meet so many good people from all walks of life.

Thanks for reading my column.  I’m glad you came along with me on another adventure from my travels around the country with my bow and arrow.

Until next time, Adios and God Bless.

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