On November 1 – 8 two good friends and hunting buddies from the Chicago area were my guests to bowhunt for deer, wild turkey and wild hogs; Fred Lutger of Freddie Bear Sports in Tinley Park, IL and Mike Ditchler of the Chef Klaus restaurants in Franklin, IL and Mokena, IL. Stay tuned on Bowhunting.net. Robert Hoague

November 2 – The Duck, Don Beckwith, and I picked up Fred and Mike at the Love Field Airport in Dallas, TX at 8:30 in the morning. All that went good and we headed south toward my place. We arrived during midday and took their luggage and gear inside the house and got situated. The Duck took our guests out to hunt at 4:00pm. Both of them were in home-made plywood ground blinds.

The Chef was hunting a known haunt for wild hogs nicknamed the ‘Hammer Hole’ and Fred went to a lush  food plot 300 yards from a defunct windmill and hunted from a Double Bull portable ground blind.

Chef saw a group of small hogs and soonafter 3 huge wild hogs came out of the brush to his right and walked along under some limbs that prevented him from getting a shot.

Meanwhile Fred was at an area with a lush food plot of wide leaf plants. He saw a few deer and wild turkeys in the trees around the food plot

Wild Turkey Hens in a lush food plot.

After the Duck picked them up the four of us went to the Junction 36 in Gatresville to eat, and most importantly to Fred And Chef, to watch the 6th game of the 2016 World Series. The Cubs won 9 to 6 and our Chicago guests were extremely happy.