low light shooting the bow

If you hunt with your traditional archery bow and arrow then you need to practice shooting in low light. When bowhunting, you must be ready to take that shot at last light. http://catholichack.com/

Today, I am training for bowhunting with my recurve bow. I’m simulating those last night opportunities on a deer. Since most game animals move either at dawn or dusk, it’s a good idea to be ready to shoot in low light conditions, increasing your chances at a successful harvest. That’s why I waited until the sun was setting to take the recurve bow out for a shoot tonight. A great opportunity.

What other scenarios do you train for? Shooting from various positions? Through foliage? Long shots? It’s super important to have some experience with these shot so that your not taking a risky shot on an animal without having prepared for it before hand.

God Bless You