For A Double Dose Of Devastation! SLASH INsetBlade Arrows Feature Two On-Board, In-Arrow Deployable Blades. 


SLASH® INsetBlade® Deployable Blades open internally, do not waste kinetic energy on entry   The key to the remarkable killing power of a SLASH® INsetBlade® Arrow is the fact that the revolutionary INsetBlade® Deployable Blades open and expand internally, after entry. This means there is no valuable kinetic energy wasted on entry. All of the available kinetic energy from the INsetBlade® Deployable Blades is used to inflict internal damage and maximum penetration.

Ready to shoot right out of the box  Because SLASH® INsetBlade® Arrows are factory tuned, you’ll be able to shoot them right out of the box. We include three practice arrows that are matched to the arrows with which you’ll hunt.

Factory tuned and matched system  SLASH® INsetBlade® Arrows come factory tuned. The relationship between the broadhead, the INsetBlade® Deployable Blades and the vanes is important. We also “match” all six arrows so you get consistent performance, arrow to arrow.

Maximum hydrostatic shock  Hydrostatic shock or shock pressure occurs when an arrow’s kinetic energy is converted into a lethal, fluid pressure wave inside an animal. The more hydrostatic shock, the quicker the kill. SLASH® INsetBlade® Arrows were specifically designed to provide bowhunters with a broadhead and arrow system that maximizes “shock pressure.” They provide over 200% more cutting surface and 275% larger wound channel than a typical broadhead and arrow setup.

 Augered wound channel vs. simple cuts  The net effect of SLASH’s five total blades is a wound channel that almost appears to be augered out as opposed to merely cut. The five blades in the SLASH® system literally mince the meat to the point you can practically look back through the animal as if peering through a tube. The wound channel damage is really that profound! 

Designed for high-speed hunting bows SLASH® INsetBlade® Arrows are designed for use with high-speed hunting bows (55 to 80 lb. draw weights). They are extremely aerodynamic and amazingly accurate. The three-blade 7/8″ broadhead meets most states’ requirements for fixed broadheads. 

 What’s Behind your Broadhead?

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