Bowhunters who use Grim Reaper Broadheads report in on their results.

“Grim Reapers result in short, spectacular, blood trails. I haven’t had an animal make it 100 yards yet!”
– Mike Ellig
President, Black Gold Sights

Garret's Turkey

“Of all the broadheads on the market, there is only one company with an expandable broadhead that’s the most dependable, Grim Reaper. They fly perfect and they have a broadhead for every animal I hunt. You’ll love their fixed blade too.”
– Garrett Roe
Owner, Heads Up Decoy

Tom's Deer

“Team Bighorn Outdoors has used Grim Reaper Broadheads for going on 10 years. That alone should tell you that they are some of the most dependable, best flying broadheads in the world. We have killed hundreds of animals on video using Grim Reapers. Game as small as Squirrels and Turkey and beasts as large as Kudu, Elk, Boar Hogs and 6-year-old whitetail. Strong sharp blades and tips that fly like a fieldtip is exactly what any hunter wants and exactly what Grim Reapers are.”
– Tom King
Bighorn Outdoors TV

Justin's Deer

“I have trusted every hunt to my Grim Reaper broadheads for 11+ years and they’ve never let me down.  Nothing leaves better blood trails or out-penetrates my Grim Reapers!”– Justin Lowry
Gold Tip Arrows

Taylor's Deer

“Grim Reaper’s simple and functional design makes for a tough, dependable, and accurate broadhead that just simply gets the job done! Watch ’em drop!”
– Taylor Edwards
Gold Tip Arrows

Ben's Elk

“For everything from Turkeys to Elk, Grim Reapers are the only expandable I will ever use”
– Ben Guttormson
Black Gold Sights

Joe's Antelope

“The penetration of Grim Reaper Broadheads is second to none as demonstrated on this antelope with a lengthwise pass through at long range. Grim Reapers are the toughest, most accurate, dependable broads you can shoot, Period!”
– Joe Jacks
Tight Spot Quivers

Pig Man's Stag

“The most accurate, sharpest, devastating broadhead on the market …period.”
– Brian “Pig Man” Quaca

Rick's Pig

“I have been a die-hard bowhunter for over 40 years and I have shot many different broadheads. I can say without a doubt that GrimReaper is the BEST broadhead I have ever shot. Their saying is Watch em’ Drop. I have watched three animals drop within 30 yards from where I shot them this year. Plus Grim Reapers are made in the USA.”
– Rick Philippi

Shawn Buck

“Grim Reaper Broadheads innovative design allows for pinpoint repeatable accuracy, accounts for deeper bone crushing penetration at steep angles, holds extremely tight weight tolerances, and the durability is second to none! Grim Reaper Broadheads are simply the best heads on the planet! When that rare, hard-earned moment of truth presents itself, I have great confidence knowing that my arrows are equipped with Grim Reapers! The results speak for themselves!”
-Shawn Greathouse
Mathews ProStaff
Owner, Hamskea Archery Solutions
Die-Hard Bowhunter

Rob's Bull

“Wyoming bull, 15 yard shot, fell over in less than 40 yards.”
– Rob Smollack
President, ASAT Camouflage

Kenny's Bull

“Grim reaper broadheads, hands down the best broadhead on the market! They live up to the reputation of “Huge entrance holes and shorter blood trails!”
– Kenny Smith