Chef Klaus picked up the SD card from where he hunted on the 5th morning. One of the pictures was unique. Have a look.


When we all got in from the morning hunt The Duck cooked the morning breakfast. I’ve heard it said that when nobody says a word when they’re eating it means the meal is excellent. Well, that’s what’s going on in the picture below.


An hour after breakfast the sun packed it in behind the fast forming rain clouds and and it started raining … and continued for two days. The two track farm roads on the property don’t stand up that well against a hard day’s rain and the two days of rain we got turned the roads to the farthest out parts of the place into a muddy get-ya-stuck mess.

However, the lull in the hunting gave us time to talk over some of the great times we had at bear, deer and wild turkey hunts. Chef Klaus cooked some great meals; including Lobster and 1 1/2 inch thick rib-eye steaks. Those meals and the filet steaks he cooked earlier in the week were as good as it gets.

We met my buddy Jim Mitchell for lunch at Asher Cafe on this trip we were strong of eating great meals.

asher cafe bowhuntes

The rain stopped on the night of Day 6 but the next morning it was drizzling.  Fred and mike went out and Fred took the picture below on his iPhone.

cwhitetail deer in food plot

On Day 7 the morning hunt was a wet one but it stopped right after noon. I took Fred to an area I call the Alley. Two reasons, bucks can show up there and secondly, we could get there without getting stuck. 

fred lutger bowhunting

The Chef saw some wild hogs come through his area. They were out of range.

The next morning The Duck loaded up our guests’ gear and drove to Love Field in Dallas for their flight home. We had a super time and made plans to do it again next year.