By: Gary Elliott

            Recently I was sent the new WorkSharp Combo Knife Sharpener and was impressed by with how easy this new sharpener makes knife sharpening for anyone. Ever since I reviewed my first WorkSharp knife sharpener a few years back, I have really struggled with reviewing others on the market. None of them really stack up to the WorkSharp brand.

          The 120V single speed motor delivers plenty of power to sharpen and re-sharpen any pocket or kitchen knife.  It is however not made for sharpening mower blades, axes or other outdoor tools. The other WorkSharp sharpeners are made for these and refer to their website to find one of their many sharpeners that best fits your needs.

Its fixed 25º sharpening and honing guides give anyone the ability to sharpen knives like a pro. Please note some knives may require a different angle and you should always check depending on the type of knife, but most American knives will have the 25º angle on them.

In the box you receive (2) flexible P120 3M™ belts. These belts are specifically designed for cool sharpening and will not burn the edge of your blades. There is also a fine grit tapered ceramic rod that can be cleaned with a regular pencil eraser when it begins it clog up and instructions. That’s it! 

Pretty cut and dry and all you need to get started is read the directions, plug it in and off you go sharpening all those dull knives. Once I got started my wife had found several more for me to do.

Overall, I find myself leaving this sharpener out for quick touch ups and trust it with my own hunting knives. I now find there is no excuse to be caught without a sharp knife.

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