Gear Review: HALO XL450 Rangefinder


By: Gary Elliott

Finding a decent rangefinder for a hundred dollars with some great features at that price just got easy thanks to Wildgame Innovations.

I had the opportunity to review the new HALO XL450 Rangefinder from Wildgame Innovations. Having some skepticism about the accuracy and quality of this rangefinder I began researching what others had to say first and it seemed most people agreed,  for the price the Halo is quite a gem.  I tested it for myself for accuracy and low light and my tests found that this is a darn accurate rangefinder for the bowhunter and as far as quality,  I tried normal drops and tested ranging afterwards and experienced no changes.  Now, granted I have not had it for a year or three to see how it holds up under diverse conditions over time but for now I have to say for the price,  you may not find anything to compete with it.

And, here are some of those great features I mentioned: 

Use in low-light conditions both indoors and out the HALO XL450 worked great as did the focusing mechanism.  Distance accuracy was fine and any variance +/- of 1 yard occurred at farther distances than a bowhunter would shoot so wouldn’t make much of a difference. Now for someone shooting mountain ranges and long distance shots, this may not be your best choice in Rangefinders. That loss of accuracy over a long period becomes missed shots.

Having used some of the best Rangefinders on the market, like Leupold and Bushnell, where the construction, features, glass quality, etc being much better compared to the HALO line we must consider the price difference and our individual needs. With that in mind, again, the HALO is pretty hard to beat at the under $100 price tag.

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