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By: Jason Herbert

By: Jason Herbert

Because of my warm gear, one of the coldest nights in recent history was pretty easy for me to hunt. The sideways snow riding the bitter winds didn’t bother me much and I really enjoyed the hunt. Near dark, the curious buck made one last fatal mistake and in between snow gusts, I anchored him. Although I am lucky and blessed beyond belief I’m not super human. What I have is experience and I have learned over time how to dress according to the weather and have invested in proper gear to continue my season while many hunters have retired to their couches. Here’s a short list of gear we recommend you invest in to fill that last tag long after the more sensitive hunters have given up.

Extreme cold doesn't have to keep you in the house as the author proved with this buck. You just have to wear the right stuff.

Extreme cold doesn’t have to keep you in the house if you are wearing Outftter Spider Web as the author is with this buck. 




Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up. Socks are so important to a long late season hunt. Feet tend to get sweaty and then due to the challenge of the cold, the proper circulation becomes a challenge by sitting for long periods in frigid weather. To help keep the toes toasty, and kill foot odor, ScentBlocker has some sweet sock options. We recommend you wear a thin wicking sock against your skin to keep your feet dry, followed by a thicker, insulating sock on the outside to keep them warm.



Moving upward and outward, baselayers are crucial. Layering is an important aspect in any scent free hunting regimen, but when it comes to cold weather hunts, baselayers do so much more than simply killing human odor. In extreme situations, a good baselayer could mean the difference between having frostbite and not, or living to hunt another day. As with socks, start with a thin, wicking baselayer next to your skin, then wear a thicker, warmer baselayer for insulation.

Outfitter Gear


A legend in its own time, guys geared up in the Outfitter have killed more hungry late season bucks than any other SceentBlocker suit – for a reason. In a 100% weatherproof casing, the Outfitter gear is warm and quiet. With our Trinity scent control technology layer, noting penetrates the Outfitter, while no odors are allowed to escape. A definite must-have for anyone hoping to fill a tag from mid November through the end of the season.

 Northern Extreme Gear


Now it’s serious. There is a tag left to be punched, and the buck of a lifetime hitting your turnip plot. This stuff was designed for – and tested in- the Arctic. Exceedingly warm, soft and quiet, the Northern Extreme is for extreme conditions, where most people are hiding out on the couch. The Northern Extreme Gear, because nobody ever stares at the blank space on the wall where a shoulder mount should be and thinks I’m glad I watched so much football last season. One fan on Facebook said it best, “If you get cold in Northern Extreme, you shouldn’t go outside, ever.”

 Scent Control Storage Bags


Every season of the year requires proper storage of scent control gear. Thankfully, there are ScentBlocker storage bag options for every hunter and budget. The Trinity Duffle Bag is perfect for storage and transport of scent free gear. Utilizing its inner Trinity panel, the Trinity Duffle also continues to cleanse garments when not being worn. Other choices are the Travel Bag, Dry Bag, and Compression Bags (which come in very handy around the house too).


Trinity Blast


No matter the season, Trinity Blast is always essential. Let’s face it, we all make mistakes sometimes and accidentally touch some piece of hunting gear with filthy hands. For any last-minute mistakes, or just to be safe, use generous amounts of Trinity Blast. Keep it warm in extreme conditions to avoid freezing. Trinity Blast… look at it like an eraser for your stink.




No matter what time of year, we’re getting crazy good results from our field testers and fans of DUI. Designed to spark curiosity while having a calming effect, the deer simply can’t get enough DUI. We recommend using DUI as a cover scent, attractant, a training aid, and many other different ways, depending on the situation. As with any other liquids, keep it from freezing.


Stay Warm and Have Fun!

The buck fell and then the author braved extreme cold to take this coyote.

The author braved more extreme cold and stayed warm in Northern Extreme when he dropped this coyote.

Remember that hunting is supposed to be fun. The late season separates the men from the boys, and the men who dress properly are most successful. As always, be safe, shoot straight, and send us pictures of your trophy when you fill that final tag in the late season.

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Sponsored by: Robinson OutdoorsTree Spider ScentBlocker Products