Drive deer wild with Sugar Beet Crush, the one-of-a-kind attractant that  contains real sugar beets crushed and blended with processed beans. Sugar Beet Crush provides deer with the same sweet taste and smell as the sugar beets they love, while assisting antler growth and body size.

Sugar Beet Crush can be used anywhere from the ground to a trough. Add Sugar Beet Crush to your automatic feeder as a high-fat, high-protein feed topper for growing bigger deer and enhancing your management program. It works especially well in front of a game camera to help you get the best photos all season long.


An easy-to-carry 5- or 15-pound bag makes transporting the sugar beet attractant to any stand or site easier and more convenient than ever.

The Sugar Beet Crush Lick ‘N Brick is comprised of the same beet and bean formula, but in a mineral block form that works perfectly in feeding locations, on stumps or in mineral site areas.

Sugar Beet Crush Juiced harnesses the power of real sugar beets in an easy-to-use pourable liquid form. This gooey, gel-mineral mixture of beans and sugar beets attracts quickly, but lasts long to keep deer returning to your site. Pour Sugar Beet Crush Juiced directly on the ground, over logs or stumps, or mix it with feed.

Don’t get caught hauling big heavy bags of sugar beets into the woods this season. Grab Sugar Beet Crush in the powder, mineral block or liquid gel form and start reaping the benefits today.

Wildgame Innovations™, a leader in wildlife nutrition and land management, produces nutritional supplements and attractants that attract, hold and grow more deer than any other products on the market. For this reason, Wildgame Innovations has become one of the fastest-growing companies in its segment of the hunting industry.

For more information on Sugar Beet Crush or Wild Game Innovations products, check out www.wildgameinnovations.com.