New Zealand Bowhunter: Goats, Chamois and Wild Boars

This Is One Of Best Bowhunting Videos
I Have Ever Seen! … Robert Hoague

New Zealand Bowhunter BJ Holdsworth takes us into the countries wilderness to bowhunt for wild goats, Chamois and Wild Boars. Our video host BJ knows where they are too, because he quickly takes us to them and gets us into the action.

Wild goats are plentiful in New Zealand and BJ shows us how he bowhunts them.

 BJ Holdsworth is in fantastic shape because he easily handle the steep and rugged mountainous country of New Zealand. Below is with a Chamois after BJ takes us where they live.

Click on the video graphic below to see this enjoyable bowhunting in New Zealand. Or CLICK HERE.

BJ loads up one of the boars he arrows in this video for the walk back to camp.

He packs out the game he harvests. BJ walks right up the hill with a boar on his shoulder.

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