Perfect Aim. Perfect Shot.


New Precision Peeps Makes Aiming Easier Than Ever Before.

Shooting at the range in perfect conditions is a wonderful thing, but can you hit that anchor point every time from a tree stand, or blind, or rough terrain?

Two reference points on the bow, aligned with your arrow, greatly reduce the margin for error found in traditional peeps. In real-life hunting situations, when your tag is on the line and it’s the last day of the season, are you willing to bank filling the freezer on the corner or your mouth? The string next to your nose? Or do you want the confidence of knowing exactly where your arrow is headed?

First, don’t worry about lining up your peep aperture and your front sight housing. All you do is focus on the Precision Post first, then move your focus to your distance pin, placing it right on top of the post like a golf ball on a tee, and then focus on your target. The post will blur just enough to “get out of your way” and not block your vision. Let ‘er rip!

Precision Peeps are made of 7000 series aluminum which, which is incredibly strong and weighs 13.12 Grains.

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