By: Rick Philippi

By: Rick Philippi

Years ago I started using Grim Reaper Broadheads and I can tell you first hand they have never let me down!! I have been bowhunting for 46 years and I have shot about every broadhead imaginable. The first broadhead I ever shot was by Bear Archery, I used to sharpen the heads with a file. It took me some time, but I did figure out the technique of sharpening a broadhead by hand. It was very time consuming and a difficult process.

Back then it was also tough to get your bow tuned to shoot those broadheads straight, without them dipping and diving all over the place.

Boy, have times changed from those earlier years. Grim Reaper Broadheads manufacturers their broadheads to shoot true and accurate. I shoot their expandable heads and they fly EXACTLY like my field tips. It is nice to know once I am sighted in with my field tips, my Grim Reapers will fly the same as my field points. Talk about a confidence builder while in a hunting situation!

Mechanical Broadhead Details

Change Blades of Mechanicals

Change Tip Blades Razortip

Change Tip Blades Razorcut

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Practice Kit for Mechanical Broadheads

Grim Reaper is the inventor of the Razor tip technology. Their innovative RazorTip and RaorCut broadhead tips have cut-on-contact razor blades up front that pre-cut the hide, opening up a wound channel for the main blades. This process demolishes heavy bone and slices like a sharp knife to promote penetration like no other broadhead in the market!

Another key factor with Grim Reaper’S technology is that you will not have deflections on angled shots that can result in bad hits and a lost trophy. All three blades float independently on a rugged shock absorbing spring and they open easily without any kick. This enhances arrow accuracy and penetration. It only takes one pound of pressure to open the blades!

For me, it’s important to know that Grim Reaper broadheads are made by hunters. Also, did I mention they are made in the USA!

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