Found A Scrape? Now Keep It Fresh And Working!

The Magnum Scrape Dripper Combo has everything you need to keep a scrape hot and attracting rutting bucks and does.  Simply add a rutting deer lure like Special Golden Estrus or Active Scrape and set your stand so you can see the action.

Wildlife Research Center Magnum Scrape Dripper With Premium Hot-Scrape® Synthetic Scrape Scent 

Why It Works So Good!

The unique design of the Magnum Scrape Dripper makes it Drip Daytime Only, so it gets bucks coming during daytime hours.

Can operate for up to 2 – 3 Weeks on 4 FL OZ of scent depending on temperature swings. Gradually intensifies scent output to get bucks even more riled up! Normally it shuts down during rain & bad weather, so it saves your valuable scent. Comes with Premium Hot-Scrape® Synthetic Scrape Scent 

8 FL OZ High Output Pistol Grip Spray Bottle, in clamshell 4 FL OZ Gold Bottle, blister carded.

Combo includes a Magnum Scrape-Dripper® and 4 FL OZ bottle of Hot-Scrape® scent.

Wildlife Research Center, inc. is the authority when it comes to scent and scent elimination. Whether it’s the hottest deer hunting scents like Special Golden Estrus® and Trail’s End® #307®, Scent Killer® products, the hottest performing scent elimination products you can get, masking or cover scents, or innovative scent wicks, drippers, and dispensers like the Magnum Scrape-Dripper™; Wildlife Research Center® truly is “The Gold Standard®”