ALPS OutdoorZ adds Deluxe Dog Vest and Zero-Gravity Snow Cover to Delta Waterfowl Gear Hunting Line

ALPS OutdoorZ, official manufacturer and licensee of Delta Waterfowl Gear, proudly announces two new additions to their waterfowl hunting line. Brand new for 2017 is the Deluxe Dog Vest, designed specifically to better help protect hunting companions. Also added to the 2017 lineup is the Zero-Gravity Snow Cover, an add-on accessory for the extremely successful Zero-Gravity Layout Blind.

“We’re very excited about the new additions to our waterfowl line for 2017. Our goal is to always offer a well-rounded, versatile group of products,” said Zach Scheidegger, ALPS product manager. “Since hunting dogs are such an integral part of waterfowl hunting, continuing to expand into that part of the market was a natural next step for us. The decision to add a snow cover accessory option to our Zero-Gravity Layout Blind was done to ensure our products are extremely versatile. Giving consumers the option to use the layout blind in a wider variety of hunting environments lets them get more from their investment, which we value as hunters.”

The Deluxe Dog Vest was designed to keep hunting partners warm and better protected from the hunting environment. The vest is constructed using warm, 5mm neoprene material. The abrasion-resistant belly section is extremely durable and offers protection against corn stubble and the frozen ground. Flotation pads are located on each side of the vest and work to provide additional buoyancy. The vest also features two easy-lift handles and a dog leash clip. The Deluxe Dog Vest is available in four sizes and multiple bar-tacked areas allow trimming around the neck and leg areas, all helping to ensure a perfect fit.

The Zero-Gravity Snow Cover is an add-on accessory option for the widely successful Zero-Gravity Layout Blind by Delta Waterfowl Gear. For better concealment, the cover includes stubble straps throughout and a snow-white material that doesn’t reflect UV rays. The Zero-Gravity Snow Cover features zippered flag doors and fits easily over the existing canopy.

Brought together by a shared passion for conservation and a love of waterfowl hunting, ALPS OutdoorZ partnered with Delta Waterfowl in late 2015 to bring to market a brand new line of high quality gear specifically for waterfowl hunters.

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