Robert Hoague

Robert Hoague

While it is not the case everywhere in the U.S., in my deer area the bucks do not lose their antlers until March. So there are some very good reasons to spend time in the deer woods with a camera or otherwise.

First, you get to see which bucks made it through the hunting season. Second, you may find out where their actual home range is. (That is important stuff to know.) And Third, learn where to start looking for a particular buck when July gets here (and you can get more pictures with the camera or game camera).

Also, the next few weeks are a good time to sneak in and hang a treestand or set up ground blind and let it become a part of the buck’s home range scenery. Setting up in the first 3 month of the year is the best possible thing you can do. You won’t have to go into the area close to, or after, hunting season and disrupt it with your scent or the sound of you cutting branches of small trees as you put up your treestand or set up your ground blind.


Nothing moved this morning until sunlight started streaking  through the trees around me. My first deer sighting was a young 6-point with well polished antlers. In his short life he has been through some changes, his mother abruptly ran him out of her area and he relocated somewhere near me.  He has spent the months since then on his own.

And during the last 4 months he’s been watching and learning what a buck deer is all about.

He stops under some tree limbs and paws at the ground.

Then he takes a few steps and marks some tree limbs with his mouth. Soon he hangs a right and disappears into the trees.

Ten minutes later I see a larger buck moving through the trees.

I took several pictures of the buck.

Walking slowly and stopping regularly he comes to the edge of the nearby strip of trees.

The buck is a nice 8-point with a longish body. I think he is 3 1/2 years old and today he’s probably hoping he runs into a doe that has not been bred yet.

He steps clear of the woods and crosses a narrow lane.

And then he is gone. I waited half an hour more and returned home and got to work putting up these pictures for ya. Enjoy.