2016 Wrap-up

Man, to say 2016 was a great year would be an understatement! The year’s deer season started out by arrowing a 200 plus class buck with Keith Warren on his place in South Texas. I got the mount back today from the taxidermist and there was not any ground shrinkage.

Rick Philippi with his 2016 monster south Texas buck.

Then it was back to my ranch in North Texas that I have owned for 10 years.  From the beginning of ownership I’ve cuddled and taken care of it like a brand new baby.   There are many new enhancements now in place such as upgrading the roads and planting perennial food plots.   I also planted trees and did an extensive and strict protein feeding program for the deer and other wildlife.  The protein I am feeding is a 17% product and is manufactured by Gorman Milling Company out of Gorman, Texas.  The deer here love this product and after eating it their coats look shinier and you can definitely see the weight gain and improved antler development!

Deer hunting on my ranch has been very good in 2016.  Both bucks and does were in fantastic shape and the does had a good crop of fawns.  I took a nice management buck that was aged at 6.5 years old and a fat second year doe. 

Rick Philippi and the management buck he harvested on his property last year.

All of the hunters on the surrounding ranches duplicate my theory in the fact that they are very selective on the animals they harvest.  All of us would rather shoot a big management 8-point than shoot a 4.5 year old ten or twelve point with the potential to be a monster.   One key thing I have learned over the years is, if you want big deer, you have to let them age.  My theory is that letting them walk and grow old is the one most single ingredient in having large bucks. 

Rick’s neighbor Colby Ward and a friend with their 2016 bucks.

In summary, I will start my protein feeding program for 2017 at the end of February.  I will also do some work on the landscape and make sure to keep water on the trees that I have planted.  I sincerely try and give something back to the land and the animals that roam on and through my ranch. It is just being a good steward.

As always, thanks to these great companies who support me in my hunting endeavors! Bowtech, Grim Reaper Broad heads, S4 Gear, Redchainfeeds and Black Eagle Arrows. All of you make fantastic products and more importantly your customer service is the best. Now I have to start gearing up for Wild Turkey season which is right around the corner—I can’t wait.

Be Safe,