Dirty Money…Dirty Politics…A Dirty Agenda

By: Toby Bridges

Back in July 2011, I jumped on the opportunity to go face-to-to face with then Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar during his “Crown of the Continent” tour around northwestern Montana.  I had one, just one, question to ask him. When he arrived for a scheduled stop at the small town of Ovando, Montana, located on the southern edge of the great Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, I immediately stepped in to be the first to shake his hand, and while doing so, bluntly asked him my question…

     “Mr Secretary, do you honestly believe that the dumping of non-native Canadian wolves into this once wildlife rich area is really the ‘Great Wildlife Conservation Success Story’ your U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service so loves to claim?”

     He was at a total loss … he could not answer … no one had handed him a script.  He mumbled something about how great and beautiful Montana was…as an aide quickly ushered him on into the crowd.  But before he got away, I loudly added…”Well if you think it’s beautiful now, you should have seen it before your agency destroyed the elk and moose populaitons!”  I know he heard it … loud and clear.

LOBO WATCH founder Toby Bridges confronts Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar about non-native wolves.

     That photo above is of that face-to-face meeting – and here’s a look at the corruption and the filthy agenda behind the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Project which forced that confrontation with the Secretary of the Interior.


    Many wildlife managers and biologists, true to the career they had chosen, have questioned the Department of Interior/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decision to dump a larger and more aggressive wolf subspecies into areas with small remaining populations of the native Northern Rockies wolf.  To many wildlife professionals and especially to the sportsmen who had financed real wildlife conservation, under the North American Model for Wildlife Management, it quickly became clear that the INTRODUCTION of the chosen wolf had absolutely nothing to do with “saving wolves” from extinction … but rather the real impact of those wolves was to serve a far more sinister plan or agenda.

     If you have not heard of Agenda 21 by now…you’ve likely had your head buried in the sand!  If you truly enjoy hunting, and want your children and grandchildren to also enjoy the right to hunt, or to just enjoy the outdoors,  you need to spend a good deal of time to learn more about the agenda of the United Nations to destroy life as we have known it.  It’s no secret that this “World Organization” looks to eliminate human life from a majority of the planet, and to force human populations to live inside “Safe” cities or zones.  The U.N. wants to force YOU off of the land!

     As much as this may sound like the plot of a science fiction novel that’s gone awry, the plans to force Americans off the land and into designated communities have already been put into place … and are being instrumented … one very small chip at a time.

The wolf recovery projects in the Lower 48 are all a part of the agenda to prevent you from using all the read areas on this map … and put an end to hunting.

     See that map above?  Take a very good look at it. Note all the red stretching from coast to coast, from border to border.  These are the areas that would be designated “Core Reserves” or “Wildland Corridors” … where human use would be severely restricted or completely prohibited. This is actually the working “plan” of an organization known as The Wildlands Network … and these are the areas and travel corridors which would allow major predators (wolves, lions and bears) to “keep game populations” in check – and when prey numbers had been decimated in one area, those predators could freely move to another…and begin again.  The goal, once people have been removed from approximately half of the country, is to eliminate the need for humans to hunt game, and to eliminate properly managing wildlife in order to insure a surplus for human consumption.

The “New Plan” is simply to put an end to all forms of hunting … to totally remove humans from much of the landscape.  The goal of today`s extremely radical environmental movement is to allow wolves, mountain lions and bears to keep game numbers whittled down, for nature to maintain its own balance. Working somewhat together hand-in-hand with The Wildlands Network, each of the major “green” groups have literally bilked the American public out of hundreds of millions of dollars every year, and collectively each year amass several billion dollars to attack the sportsman based North American Model for Wildlife Management, and to support the U.S. efforts to achieve the extremely radical United Nations plan to dramatically reduce the human population of Earth – to several hundred million people within the next hundred or so years. The plan is to make that global population totally dependent upon a single global government – the United Nations!

     That’s what Agenda 21 is ALL ABOUT.    

The U.N. Agenda 21 and Wildlands Network agenda is to eliminate the human hunter’s role in wildlife management – and to allow major apex predators to keep game populations in check.

     Operating under the disguise of being “wildlife conservationists” or the “great protectors” of animals and wildlife, organizations such as the Defenders of Wildlife, the National Wildlife Federation , and the Humane Society of the United States have built multi-million dollar empires – and have actually spent little to nothing on real conservation or saving wildlife. The real agenda of these three organizations, and dozens more that are nothing more than copy cat groups, is twofold.   First, their goal is to put an end to real conservation based hunting and fishing in this country. The second part of their agenda is to push Americans off the land and into the cities – to return a huge chunk of the United States back into human-less wilderness areas, interconnected by “wild corridors” to allow apex predators to move from one wild area to the next without human intervention.

    All of this may sound a bit bizarre, and way too hard to swallow – but the wheels are in motion, and it is now taking place all across this country – and around the world.  If these so-called U.S. based “conservation” and “animal rights” organizations aren’t spending their ill-gotten gains on real conservation and the needs of wildlife and other animals… “What are they spending their money on…where have all those hundreds of millions of dollars gone … and still going?”

(Note:  The theft of Pittman-Robertson Funds to help finance the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Project was instrumented by USFWS’s  Jamie Rappaport Clark, first as Assistant Director then as Director … It should not come as any surprise to learn that she is NOW serving as the Executive Director for the radically green group known as Defenders of Wildlife … and knocking down approximately $300,000 annually.  Maybe we need to rethink the old saying…”Crime Doesn’t Pay!”)

     One of the world’s richest men, Hungarian born billionaire George Soros, has invested heavily in support of the United Nations achieving its goal of becoming the ONLY World Goverment.   He also heavily supports the environmental groups who are working hard to put an end to things such as “land owner rights” … “natural resource based industry” … “ranching and other land based economies” … and “the right to hunt”… OR OWN A FIREARM!   Agenda 21 is the major component of the United Nations and Soros backed plans for a global socialistic government, and a world population totally dependent on welfare and UN handouts.  It has become just one of billionaire Soros’ pet causes, to which he contributes some $400-million annually.  Much of that money goes directly to the same radical environmental groups which have constantly pushed for allowing wolves to expand their range…and allowing them to destroy wildlife populations.

     During the 2008 U.S. elections, George Soros also invested in the election of Barack Obama … and used his influence to encourage many other super wealthy individuals to invest in the election of someone, anyone, who would work in whatever direction they wanted them to use or abuse their power or influence.  Even an extremely rural state like Montana is not exempt from the “filthy rich” using “dirty money” to influence political decisions…or for that matter…to influence who gets elected.

     One very transparent use of “dirty money” playing a big role in the political process of this country was the 2012 race for one of Montana’s two U.S. Senate seats – between incumbent Senator Jon Tester (D) and Representative Denny Rehberg (R).  It was a very close race early on.  Perhaps too close, and that’s when the questionable money began to flow…to keep overly “environmentally friendly” Tester in office.  Those groups and organizations who were out to curtail any industry dependent on logging or resource extraction…or looking to expand The Wildlands Network of wild areas and corridors…knew that Jon Tester’s (D) vote or influence could be influenced…as it may have been many times during his time in office.

Under the watch of former MT Governor Brian Schweitzer (left) and current MT U.S. Senator Jon Tester (right), a glut of predators was allowed to decimate the state’s big game populations … without any resistance from these elected officials. Why?

     An official IRS directive states … “Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501 (c) (3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. The prohibition applies to all campaigns including campaigns at the federal, state and local level. Violation of this prohibition may result in denial or revocation of tax-exempt status and the imposition of certain excise taxes.”

     As 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, the National Wildlife Federation and its Montana chapter, the Montana Wildlife Federation, are prohibited by federal law from endorsing political candidates. That may very well be, but to many Montana residents it sure seems that these two non-profit organizations have indirectly gotten up to their noses in this state’s politics.

     At the time of the 2012 elections, Missoula resident Land Tawney was a staff member of both organizations. He served as the Senior Manager for Sportsmen Leadership (Northern Rockies and Prairies Regional Center) with the National Wildlife Federation, while at the same time worked as the Regional Organizer for the Montana Wildlife Federation. He was also the president of another somewhat spurious organization known as Montana Hunters and Anglers, which engaged in some serious political mudslinging in its attack on Congressman Denny Rehberg (R), who ran for Tester’s Senate seat in 2012.

?     Montana Hunters and Anglers enjoys 501(c)( 4) non-profit status, which does permit the organization to become involved in political campaigns.

     Still, the question arises, “Did the National Wildlife Federation and the Montana Wildlife Federation violate their non-profit status by condoning Tawney’s forming of the new organization, which vehemently attacked Montana’s 2012 Republican senate candidate?”

     As was expected, Rehberg’s campaign office responded on its website, stating, “An environmental obstructionist front group calling itself ‘Montana Hunters and Anglers’ has spent nearly $250,000 from undisclosed sources running attack ads against Denny Rehberg. Leading that effort was the group’s President, Land Tawney, whom Tester also proudly declares to be an adviser to him in his official Senate duties. Tawney is an employee of the National Wildlife Federation.”

Missoula, MT resident Land Tawney works for the National Wildlife Federation and with the Montana Wildlife Federation – while also heading several phony “sportsman organizations” – which are nothing more than political groups.

     According to the Federal Election Commission, in July 2012, under the auspices of the Montana Hunters and Anglers Leadership Fund, more than $363,000 were spent on ads to attack Denny Rehberg. Many Montanan’s are now asking where that money came from, but as a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, the group did not have to divulge its sources for that funding – and Montana Hunters and Anglers refused to share just who was footing the bill for the efforts to discredit Rehberg.  And that had many believing that the funding was coming from the same radical anti-hunting environmental groups which continually fought to stop wolf control hunts…and to close off more federal public land.  The source for the funding of those television attack commercials was never identified…but likely originated from some of that same “dirty money” that George Soros provided organizations like the Sierra Club, the Center for Biological Diversity, the Defenders of Wildlife, and the National Wildlife Federation.

     Another new “sportsmen’s organization” also joined in the political mudslinging. This group called itself the Montana Sportsmen Alliance. Their website claimed the group was the “Voice of Reason on Montana Fish and Wildlife Issues” and that through this organization “Sportsmen have gathered together to support the philosophy and programs we subscribe to.”

(Note:  A number of Montana sportsmen, including the head of the Montana Outfitters & Guides Associaiton have tried to attend one of the Montana Sportsmen Alliance meetings … And were told they were not welcomed.   But top MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials and elected officials were allowed to attend.  So…What was the group hiding … What did they want to keep secret?)

     Many Montana sportsmen now fully realize this was just another phony sportsman group serving as a political front for the Montana Wildlife Federation, and to further the “increased predator population” agenda of the National Wildlife Federation.  While these two organizations have loudly touted their efforts to open land access for sportsmen, their overzealous support of expanded wolf and grizzly bear range has closed more access than opening doors. Both the Montana Wildlife Federation and the National Wildlife Federation claim to be pro-sportsman. But …Their actions prove otherwise. 

Protest at the Federal Courthouse in Missoula, MT calling for the removal of non-native wolves from the state.

     There’s just too much of that easy “dirty money” being doled out by radical environmental groups for elected officials to resist taking a handful from time to time.  Thanks to that greed, America is coming out on the losing end.  

     As you should already see…there’s a hell of a lot more to the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Project than “saving wolves”.  In reality, it’s just another piece of the “Destroying America” puzzle. The wolf issue is simply the new battle ground, where the anti-human U.S. environmental groups can chip away at every aspect of living in this country, and especially at hunting.  However, if you think these groups make all of this effort purely for the sake of “saving wolves and other endangered species” or even to “put an end to hunting” … you better think again! – Toby Bridges, LOBO WATCH

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