The new 2.0” Heavy Duty is a perfect addition to VaneTec’s existing series of High Profile vanes. The HD vane has the same shape and weight consistency as the regular 2″ High Profile but has been thickened so that is dramatically tougher, weighs 6.5 grains with a slightly wider base.

Chris Metzgus, the owner of VaneTec, stated that “The new HD was specifically developed for archers who demand VaneTec accuracy with the ability to handle more abuse.” As with all VaneTec vanes, the 2.0″ HD is produced to extremely tight tolerances that result in consistent size and weight and, is easy to apply using VaneTec’s VT-2000 instant adhesive.


• Length – 2.0″
• Height – 0.55″
• Thickness – 0.28″
• Weight – 6.8 grains
• 10 Colors – White, Flo-Yellow, Flo-Green, Green, Blue, Purple, Flo-Pink, Red, Orange & Black

About VaneTec, Inc: VaneTec manufactures precision arrow vanes, adhesives and arrow
building tools. Each individual vane’s rigid construction gives them maximum durability,
solid stability, and excellent memory. Vanes are compatible for hand and machine fletching
and come in four profile categories and 13 colors. VaneTec is located in the heart of
hunting country—Myrtle Point, Oregon—and the owners have combined close to 50 years
of specific, hands-on experience in the vane design and fletching business. For more
information, visit