Archery Encounters LLC is a start-up Archery training, events and consulting business in Erie, PA. With a goal of serving clients within a 100 mile radius of Erie as well as Erie County itself, Archery Encounters LLC will be offering mobile as well as static capabilities, bringing archery to clients as well as a place for clients to come for their archery endeavors. When fully operational, Archery Encounters will offer group and private lessons, leagues and league hosting, programs such as JOAD and S3DA and event capabilities to accommodate everything from birthday parties and corporate activities to Fairs, organizational fund raisers and large scale events. On the consulting end Archery Encounters LLC is able to assist organizations in implementing archery programs, provide coach training and certifications and hosting; they also are capable of providing cast and crew training and advising film and TV production teams on how to best capture archery in their creative projects. 

Archery Encounters LLC is not, however, a retailer. Archery Encounters believes that referring clients to the existing retailers best serves the AE mission and assists the retailer by referring motivated clients to them. Archery Encounters believes they and the retailers will have a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Archery Encounters LLC was created by Tim Case in 2016. Since 2007 Tim has been doing archery events in Northwestern and Western Pennsylvania as well as Los Angeles, CA. He even appeared on Hallmark Channel’s “Home and Family” TV show. He has taught archery to celebrities and local youth. Because of the events he has created or participated in, Tim has facilitated over 5000 people picking up a bow for the first time. 

Tim’s resume includes:

NW PA Regional Director: Scholastic 3-D Archery

USA Archery Level 2 and Level 2 Trainer Instructor Certifications- Working on Level 3

S3DA Advanced Coach and Basic Coach Trainer Certifications

Hallmark Channel appearance

Discover Preque Isle Archery portion 2007-2010

Mandrel Celebrity Shoot 2008-2010

Hollywood Celebrity Sporting Clays Invitational 2011-2012

Coordinated and coached archery activity at McCurdicon with Archery Tag/SAFE Archery founder John Jackson.

Periodic contributor to Bowhunting.Net

For more please go to: Archery Encounters LLC. If you are interested in sponsorship/advertising opportunities with Archery Encounters LLC contact Tim via Email