With increased globalization and lower labor costs driving companies to outsource hunting products, bowhunters might just assume their equipment is made overseas.  However, Beman arrows are one notable exception.

Hunters may not know as they draw a Beman arrow, the shaft on their rest came off the production line in Salt Lake City, Utah—the only arrow factory in the U.S. Using their unique manufacturing position, Beman is taking their message to the bowhunting community through their “Made-in-USA” campaign. Beman’s brand tagline, “Pure Hunting, Purely American” is built around the simple combination of Value, Hunting, and Made in the USA. “Our vision for the brand is embodied in our tagline,” stated Gary Cornum, Beman Marketing Manager, “Our goal is to provide the highest quality, USA-made carbon arrows to instill maximum confidence when a hunter draws his or her bow in the field.” Beman employs workers in its arrow manufacturing facilities in Utah and Indiana where they produce a complete line of carbon arrows for the bowhunting market. 

Visit www.beman.com to see the Made-in-America product lineup along with Beman’s 2017 campaign music video “Made in the USA