Australian Twist Jerky


Australian Twist Jerky Recipe submitted by Dean

I have experimented with using ovens to produce jerky, don’t bother, buy a Dehydrator, cost about $100. – Dean

Australian Twist Jerky Ingredients:

round or topside beef
1/2 cup stone green ginger wine
1/3 bottle Lawry’s Teriyaki With Pineapple Marinade
2 teaspoons minced garlic
sweet chili sauce
Colgin Liquid Smoke
bush spices
hot chili flakes
ground pepper
ground salt

Australian Twist Jerky Directions:

Cut trimmed round or topside beef into thick steaks (1 cm thick) then into strips (the same thickness as the steaks).
Jerky strips should be as thick as the dehydrator allows, with air flow still possible, as I have found that the larger cuts are easier to handle.
Thick cut jerky like this will take longer to dry, and you know when it is dried out when it turns a very dark red/black, all the way through.
Mix stone green ginger wine, teriyaki marinade sauce, garlic, sweet chili sauce and a couple of good shakes of Hickory Liquid Smoke into a container.
Coat meat with bush spices (sprinkled all over the meat), hot chili flakes (to taste), ground pepper (all over), ground salt (all over).
Allow meat strips to marinate in layers, in the fridge for at least 24 hours, preferably 48 hours.
Ensure that the marinating jerky container is turned over several times during this time (so it will need to be seal-able).
Once marinated, jerky should have all excess marinade removed, I pour the whole lot into a colander, then take out each strip and scrape off as much marinade as I can, then pat off with paper a towel.
Place meat strips into dehydrator for at least 8 hours, rotating the trays of the dehydrator every 2 hours.
At 8 hours I break open the largest pieces of jerky to see if it is dark throughout, if not put back in for additional time.

Enjoy this Jerky with an Australian Twist!


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