Cow Puncher Jerky


Cow Puncher Jerky Recipe submitted by John

I not sure why but I love the taste of beef.
When I eat meat I like to taste it.
Have you ever grilled a great steak and watched someone pour ketchup or steak sauce all over it?
Or, heaven forbid, “Prime Rib”!
I’m the same way when it comes to jerky.
If you haven’t ever tried jerky without all the soy sauce and other marinades, you’re missing something in my opinion.

Hope you enjoy…


Cow Puncher Jerky Ingredients:

15 pounds lean top round
1/2 cup kosher salt
1/4 cup pepper (to taste)
Nothing else

Cow Puncher Jerky Directions:

Slice 1/4″ thick
Just trim your meat, be sure to get all the fat off that you can.
Mix salt and pepper in like tossing a salad.
I live in the desert so I hang mine on chicken wire in a building and put a fan on it.
A good screened in room is good to.
Obviously this won’t work where it’s too humid.

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