By: Frank Medicine Wolf Springer
By: Frank Medicine
Wolf Springer

Sleep— when you need it—“you need it!”— and an uncomfortable rest is never acceptable.  This need doesn’t always come at the end of a hunter’s day.  It is not always hills nor miles that cause you to need to get horizontal; but it often is!  And, the control of the feeling is not always in your hands. This said—life isn’t always close to your camp so you will occasionally find yourself in a position to make the best of your current situation.  I hunt hard, and I do this often for more miles than others will, and I am able to do this by ‘pacing’ myself.  Timing is required for hydration, food and an occasional short stop to rest.  Lying on the ground under a tree has often been the Siren’s call over the years. But ground is not often soft or comforting as much as one would hope for, and hauling a ground pad is rarely a choice any hunter will make.  However, with a bit of a look-around and two trees a lounge in the shade is quickly and easily the best situation to be had.

Hunter’s are always conscious of weight and size in what they backpack.  Ounces count and add up very quickly.   Rallt Hammocks makes a little 19 ounce very durable hammock that quickly hangs up or repacks into its own 5” x 7” stuff bag. In both size and weight this hammock fits the need for the hunter who uses his legs in rough country.  Tired happens! 

The triple chain-stitched seems on this quality 70-D Rip Stop fabric hanging ‘temporary camp’ is tag ended by 20-feet of marine grade rope for attachment.  2 aluminum wire-gate “no-snag” carabiners for quick set up are included.  Rallt’s 3/4-inch polyester tubular accessory hanging straps give you an additional 10 feet each of working length and stop the “oh- you’ll hurt the tree bark” greenies from grousing at you. They come in bag at 1.5” x 4” x 4”. … easily tucked into any pocket.

I was recently posted out the “Double” Rallt Hammock to field test and let readers know of my findings.  As I have used numerous brands and types of hammocks for my personal use over more years than I wish to admit… I was eager to once again be able to “lay down on the job”.    Rallt’s double hammock measures 10-foot x 6-foot 2-inches, with a carrying capacity of 500 pounds.  This was very comfortable for my large frame and would be acceptable for two people if you are a “narrower” couple and hunting with the wife or child. Having passed those days of compact size and never having any desire to be wrapped in a cocoon with my old hunting buddy, I would suggest a single each…or a double if you like to ‘spread out’.  With a list price of $49.00 for the double it is an easy and economical choice to opt into buying two…and the good news is that I’ve found numerous outlets that market this hammock for $39.99 or less.  These hammocks are available in 9 color choices to suit your own style, with a camouflage model for hunters.

So, having given you the facts and figures: I’ll allow you my observations here-

This hammock is a traditional ‘open face’ design with no bug screen or rain fly. That said; when I hunt I always carry a small face net because I often run into the problem of dealing with mosquitoes and bugs in my face.  Although I did not find the need to have bug protection while field testing the hammock this time of year; prepared is always a good way to roll.  Yet, being built as wide and thick as a Mountain Gorilla, while laying in this double size Rallt hammock—there was enough side fabric to fold completely over top of me for protection from a cool breeze and would dissuade any but the most determined of bug invaders.  With this extra side fabric ‘welling me in’ I felt extremely secure and falling out was never a concern.  And- with my 275 pounds, the Rallt took my stress without so much as a groan…perfect.  The hammock set up very easily the first time I pulled it from the bag and it was up and secure with the tree straps in one minute and 20 seconds…and I wasn’t trying to hurry. The tree straps are double bar-tack-sewn at segmented points so you can attach the carabiners in any spot for a quick and appropriate fit.

My overall assessment on quality, durability, usefulness and price value are excellent on the Rallt Double Hammock.  I liked that its own stuff bag was sewn to an outside edge so it wouldn’t be blown away and lost in a breeze.  I already have this hammock staged up with my hunting gear and I’ll have it in the top zipper pocket of my hunting pack for ready use during my springtime turkey hunts and bow season in August.

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