Under the Obsession Bows mantra of “Change Or Get Left Behind”, national competitors are making changes and moving to the top of the leaderboard. 

Todd Jones of Dexter, GA won his first national title by taking the Hunter Elite class at the ASA Pro/Am in Fort Benning, GA, March 10-12 shooting an Obsession Phoenix XL. Jones has shot competitively since 2007, winning nearly 100 state level events including the 2014 SRA Shooter of the Year-Bowhunter, 2015 NFAC Shooter of the Year, Known 45, and 2016 GBAA State Champion-Bowhunter. “Archery is a game of confidence and my Obsession bow gives me 100% confidence on every shot,” said Jones

Weekend winners (LtoR) Todd Jones, Nick Dean and Scott Frazier.

Michael Barnes of Woodland, GA was also a winner in Fort Benning, placing 2nd in Men’s Open A using an Obsession K34. “I first started shooting Obsession last year and knew it was going to take me to the next level with its smooth draw, solid back wall and how well it aimed,” said Barnes. “It helped me win the 2016 Georgia State Championship and now I’m blessed with my second podium finish.”

Nick Dean of Bryant, AR took home a third place win in Men’s Open B using an Obsession Final Cut. “It is the most tunable, torque-free bow I have ever shot and I’ve yet to have anyone shoot it that didn’t smile, step back and say wow!,” said Dean.

Tim Smith used an Obsession Phoenix XL to place second in the Senior Hunter class. “In order to win at the national events, you have to use the best equipment and that’s why I shoot Obsession Bows,” proclaimed Smith.

At the IBO Winter Nationals taking place the same weekend in Park City, KY, Scott Frazier of Charleston, IN won his third national IBO title with a win in the MAH class while Noah Lehman of Germantown, OH won the YMR 15-17 class. Frazier and Lehman both shoot the Obsession Phoenix. “I’ve never in my life had a bow hold as good as this, this bow absolutely shoots lights out,” said Lehman. “It’s fast, smooth and is rock solid at full draw. I’ve shot a lot of bows and the Phoenix by far is the best ever.”

These wins follow Caleb Kerstetter’s 1st place finish in January in the Bowhunter Division at the Lancaster Archery Classic with an Obsession Turmoil.

To join the winners in the field or on the range go to: Obsession Archery

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