By: The Lady Archer Lynne Frady
By: The Lady Archer
Lynne Frady

All outdoors people know the importance of great equipment, be it your weapon of choice or your favorite sleeping bag you never leave home without. There is one crucial piece of equipment that no matter what your doing on your adventure or where your going it’s a must have, your footwear, at least it is for me.

I have never been on an adventure that walking was not required. If your footwear is lacking you will be one miserable person before you get back to the truck. As many of you know, I love Danner Boots. Their quality and reputation go without saying and they have been in business since 1932 when Charles Danner began manufacturing boots in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin with 12 employees.

New to the lineup this year are the Mountain 600 low. Last season I was introduced to the Mountain 600 4.5” hiking boot. I could not believe how lightweight this boot was at only 30 oz.. It offers a vibrant SPE midsole and a Fuga outsole that gets great traction in both wet and dry condition with unsurpassed stability. It’s waterproof suede is spot on and the look and styling is both classic and modern.

When I found out they were going to manufacture a low version of the Mountain 600 I knew there would be a pair in my future…well maybe two. The Mountain 600 3” low comes in grey/plum and brown/red and weigh in at 28 oz. The Mountain 600 4.5” is offered in Hazelwood/Yellow and Brown/red.

The Mountain 600 4.5” and 3” are out of the box comfortable, no break in time required. I wear them for hiking, dog training, hunting, everyday for work and I work out in them at the gym. I have never had a pair of tennis shoes that will compare with the Mountain 600 for work out shoes.

If you are looking for a great pair of boots that will fit your outdoor needs, look no further, the Mountain 600 com in both women’s and men’s. Danner has once again proved why they have a window to the sole of every one that loves the outdoors.

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