Tim Case, owner of the startup company Archery Encounters has been a major force in helping grow the sport of archery. From adults, kids, the disabled and to celebrities in the spotlight, few have worked as hard as Tim and now we have the opportunity to  help him do even more. 

“It is not often that for profit businesses get an opportunity to apply for a grant. I have that tremendous opportunity. I recently found out about the FedEx Grant Contest and submitted an application for consideration and to my amazement, we were accepted. Now I really need the industry’s help, the archers, bowhunters of the world to help me get the votes needed to win. You don’t need to buy or sell anything, just vote.  Votes are being collected until 4-5-17 and you can vote once every 24 hours. Please help me do more for the sport we all love. I am asking for your votes so we can make archery education, activities and events possible starting in our region that encompasses Erie, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Buffalo (an area of approximately 6 million people).” Tim Case

So bowhunting.net fans, let’s help Tim out. Go to the link below and vote, every 24 hours until this contest is over. Make it something you do every morning before work. Tell your friends, help us spread the word. Archery matters and what Tim is doing matters. 

To Vote for Archery Encounters

For more please go to: Archery Encounters LLC. If you are interested in sponsorship/advertising opportunities with Archery Encounters LLC contact Tim via Email  timc@archeryencountersllc.com