By Keith Dunlap – Field Evaluator
Aug 19, 2008 – 10:45:13 PM


Mention Bear Archery, and one cannot help but to think of decades of experience and the legendary bowhunter who revolutionized the sport of archery and bowhunting.  Mention the name Primos in the hunting community, and folks immediately think of founder Will Primos and his down to earth hunting companions, fair chase videos and a company whose calls make wildlife sounds come to life.  Put the two together, and you have Bear Archery’s new “The Truth 2” compound bow.

In this field evaluation, we will take a close look at the Bear Archery “The Truth 2”; a bow that Bear Archery claims raises the bar again for performance that is well above the price.

“The Truth 2” from Bear Archery.

Truth 2 Basics
The riser on the Truth 2 is a CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum extrusion.  The engineers at Bear Archery wanted a straighter, less reflexed, riser.  They’ve accomplished just that as the Truth 2 riser is reflexed a mere one-inch.  Many compound bows have a reflex geometry between two and four inches.  What does this mean to you?  Reflex and deflex are terms used to explain the geometry of a riser.  A deflex riser bow will generally have a higher brace height than a reflex riser bow.  A reflex riser bow normally has a shorter brace height, but increased speed.  Reflex/deflex is measured by the position of the throat of the grip in terms of its location from a line drawn from each of the pocket pivot points to the grip.  If the throat of the grip is in front of the pivot point line it is considered deflex, if it is behind the pivot point line it is considered reflex.  By minimizing the reflex, the Truth 2 engineers have created an accurate bow that is both fast, and more forgiving.

Dual Arc String Suppressors.

Limbs/Limb Pockets:
The “compression molded flare quad” split limbs of the Truth 2 were designed to increase efficiency by spreading the stress evenly over the entire limb (see figure 4 below).  This also allows the fiberglass limbs to bend farther, to a beyond-parallel position at full draw.  The Truth 2 has a seven-inch brace height and relatively compact profile.  This should make for a good hunting rig.

Eccentric System:
Bear Archery equipped the Truth 2 with their Perimeter-Weighted Modular Single Cam.  Designed with a large diameter, the cam system rotates on a sealed, stainless steel ball bearing and includes an asymmetric power track to reduce friction and increase cable life.  The asymmetric cable groove works with the natural tensions inherent to the cam system and allows the cable to be easily pulled and laid back into the groove.  This system is advertised to generate IBO speeds of 314 to 318 feet per second.

Silencing System:
Bear Archery’s new Dual Arc String Suppression system (see figure 2 above) includes two riser mounted arms that curve back toward the string with two crab claw shaped dampers made of a proprietary rubber material.  Axle-mounted weighted dampeners are positioned on the limb tips for additional vibration absorption.

Out of the box, I quickly recognized the signature colors of Bear Archery?the green anodized eccentrics and limb pockets with laser engraved company logo laser, the orange Bear logo overmold grip, and the green and orange string and cable from Winner’s Choice.  Add to these features the Realtree APG film dip finish on the riser and limbs, and this is one eye-catching bow, and one that I recognize well from the PRIMOS hunting videos.

My evaluation began with a thorough visual examination of the Truth 2 for any workmanship quality issues or defects.  Upon inspection, I found no visible defects.  The eccentrics moved freely when pressure was removed from the strings and cables.  All parts fit together perfectly, nothing was loose, and the bow was mechanically sound.  I would expect this type of quality workmanship from Bear Archery.

IModules provide 24-30″ draw lengths with 1/2-inch adjustment posts located on the cam.

Initial Setup:
Items added to the bow for my evaluation included: Trophy Ridge DropZone fall-away arrow rest; Spot Hogg Real Deal site; a G5 Meta ¼” peep; and a D-loop.  I selected 350-grain Carbon Express Maxima 350 arrows for my evaluation.  I performed the usual initial setup to ensure that my nocking point and rest were properly adjusted and I tuned the center shot using my Easy Eye Laser Eze-Center Gauge.  Next, the Truth 2 was paper tuned and ready to put to the test.

Comfort of shooting bow:
When shooting the Truth 2, it became obvious that Bear Archery has developed a product that really provides a quiet shot with ease and comfort.  Starting with the grip design, the Truth 2 was very comfortable to grip using my straight-wristed style of gripping a bow.  The one-piece synthetic bow grip rested well in my hand.  I like a thin grip to reduce the possibility of hand torque, and to this end I found the Truth 2 grip adequate.  Additionally, the synthetic material will provide a warmer feel during cold weather hunting.

I shot sets of 30 arrows each day for a week to evaluate overall comfort, draw cycle, shock, vibration and torque.  Additionally, I shot three other bows I had on hand for comparative purposes throughout the evaluation.

The Truth 2 is very impressive when it comes to comfort and “shootability”.  I found this bow to be a pleasure to shoot throughout my evaluation.  The draw cycle was very smooth and consistent throughout the draw?no major inclines or declines in the draw curve.  Often bows that generate the kind speed that the Truth 2 generates will have a difficult draw curve, but not so with the Truth
2.  The draw cycle is smooth and this bow generates plenty of speed.

My next area of focus was to concentrate on the amount of shock and/or vibration felt during each shot.  This one is tough to measure other than feel or the amount of “jump” felt upon release of the string.  You should really compare the bow you are evaluating to other bows on the market to really feel the difference.  A visit to the local archery shop should provide a good comparison.  After shooting the Truth 2 for a week and comparing it with the other bows in my shop, I can tell you that the Truth 2 really does back up its claim to be superior in comfort and performance.  I felt very little “jump” when I released the string, and the Truth 2 was one of the smoothest shooting bows of the several I shot during my evaluation.

Compression Molded Flare Quad limbs.

The Truth 2 that I evaluated had a measured peak draw weight of 70.1 lbs and a measured draw length of 29.1 inches.  Speed was measured on a Pro Chrono chronograph.  I measured 18 shots and averaged the results.  The average speed of the 350-grain CE Maxima arrows as they flew from the Truth 2 was 304 fps.  For comparative purposes, I then measured 18 shots with one of my 376-grain CE Maxima hunting arrows. The speed dropped to 293 fps with the heavier arrow.  Under the I.B.O. (International Bowhunter’s Organization) standard, speed is measured using a bow with a draw weight of 70 lbs, a draw length of 30 inches, and the arrow should have a grain weight of 350 (or 5 grains of arrow weight per pound of bow weight).  In my opinion, the Truth 2 speed measurement of 306 fps with the 350-grain arrow and the shorter draw length of 29.1 inches is within range of the advertised IBO speed of 314-318 fps if the draw length were increased to 30 inches.

I evaluated maneuverability by shooting the Truth 2 from various positions in a ground blind and from a tree stand.  I took several shots seated, kneeling, and standing from within the ground blind and from a tree stand.  The Truth 2 has a 33″ axle-to-axle, and I found it to be very maneuverable in real hunting situations.

Noise level:
The proper method to evaluate noise level would be to use a decibel meter capable of measuring low noise levels.  I don’t have access to one, so in order to evaluate the noise level of this Truth 2 bow; I blindfolded a few family members and my hunting friends and had them listen next to me while I shot various bows in our indoor target range.  In order to complete this part of my evaluation, I removed all accessories that I had previously added to the bow to replicate “out-of-the-box” conditions.  I shot one arrow from each of four bows in their “out-of-the-box” condition, including the Truth 2, and recorded the reactions of each person in succession.  I repeated this test ten times until I was able to average the results.  The Truth 2 was voted the second quietest bow that I shot according to each person helping me with this test.  It is worth noting that there was not a significant difference between the first place and second place bows.  I found the low noise level during the shot to be one of the better that I’ve experienced.

The Truth 2 is an excellent bow from axle to axle.  I found this bow to be one of the most comfortable bows I have evaluated.  The hand shock and overall vibration during the shot is minimal.  The speed of this bow is above average for the price range, and the draw cycle is smooth.

The real fun comes in shooting the Bear Truth 2.

Rating Chart:
This rating chart is intended to help you investigate a single bow by reviewing its key features, and also compare it to other models you may be interested in. A rating system of 1 through 10, in ½ point increments, will be used with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest or best.
Following is a list of the bow properties that will be covered and their definitions.

1.    Grip:  This item will be rated on its “feel” and shape in regard to the effect it has on torque and the overall enjoyment of shooting.

2.    Maneuverability:  This rating is self-explanatory and will be determined through various field tests, including ground blinds and treestands.  Mass weight will also be a factor.

3.    Speed:  The rating for this category will be based on the design and intended purpose of the bow.  For example, if the bow being tested is a youth model, it will not be expected to spit arrows out at 300+ fps.

4.    Quality/Workmanship:  Again, self-explanatory.  This item will be based on attention to detail in the areas of machining, finish, and general mechanics.

5.    Shock and Vibration:  Ratings will be based on the amount of “jump” felt upon release.

6.    Noise Level:  Noise will be rated without any noise dampening devices installed.  This will allow the test to be based solely on the bow’s out-of-the-box performance.  This category is closely related to that of the shock and vibration category.

7.    Draw Cycle “feel”: The perceived smoothness of the draw is the focus of this rating.

8.    Shootability:  Many factors come into play here, including axle-to-axle length, brace height, and eccentrics.

9.    Advantage: What makes this bow special? Why choose this bow over another?

Category – Rating – Comments

  •     Grip – 8.5 (I prefer super thin wood grips)
  •     Maneuverability – 10
  •     Speed  – 9.0
  •     Quality/Workmanship – 10
  •     Shock/Vibration  – 9.5
  •     Noise Level  – 9.0
  •     Draw Cycle “feel” – 10 (gentle climb to the top, easy over to holding weight)
  •     Shootability – 10 (very good performance)
  •     Advantage – 9.0 (excellent value)
  •     Average Score – 9.4 out of possible 10
  •     Total Score – 85 out of possible 90

Pros:    Great value, ample speed, quiet, comfortable to shoot
Cons:    Rubber material used for the Dual Arc string suppressors show wear      rather quickly.

Spec Sheet:

  •     Draw weights: 60 or 70 pounds peak  (70.1 lbs. as tested)
  •     Draw Lengths: 24-30 inches
  •     Axle-to-axle length: 33 inches
  •     Brace Height: 7 inches
  •     Mass Weight: 3.9 lbs
  •     Let-off:  80%
  •     Grip: Bear Logo Overmold one-piece
  •     Eccentric System: Perimeter-Weighted Modular Single Cam
  •     Advertised IBO speed: 314-318 fps (70 lbs, 30″ draw, 350 grain arrow)
  •     Finish: Realtree APG
  •     Cable: Winner’s Choice, 20 strand, 94 1/16 inches
  •     String: Winner’s Choice, 20 strand, 35 1/8 inches
  •     Riser: CNC Machined 6061-T6 aluminum extrusion
  •     Limbs: Compression Molded Flare Quad
  •     Cable guard: Carbon
  •     Silencing System: Dual Arc string suppressors
  •     MSRP: $649
  •     Warranty: Limited lifetime to original owner

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