By Keith Dunlap – Field Evaluator
Jun 12, 2009 – 6:10:21 AM


Jon C. Bach, Owner/Director of X-Ring Archers, the 1999 NFAA National Outdoor Champion and Certified NFAA Expert Level 4 Instructor, has won numerous competitions and awards.  In 2005 and 2006, Mr. Bach became the NJ Outdoor State Freestyle Champion making him the only archer in NJ to be a state champion in four different styles: Bare-bow, Bowhunter Freestyle, Freestyle Limited, and Freestyle. Mr. Bach now holds one national title, two sectional titles, and 11 state titles. Mr. Bach has been ranked 9th on the USAT Rolling Rankings. (To see the full line go to: Loc-A-Peep )

Jon felt the need from the archery community to develop a peep that is simple to install, and stays locked in place on the string without having to tie serving around the peep.  He developed the Loc-A-Peep system.

The new Loc-A-Peep Hunter Lite peep system.
Initial Inspection:
The product I evaluated, the Hunter Lite Red Kit, is five peeps in one package.  The kit includes the body and five covers with apertures 1/8″ thru 1/4″ wide in 1/32″ increments (1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4).  The kit also includes a spare set of screws for installation.  When I opened the package, I found no visible defects in workmanship or finish.  I immediately went to the Loc-A-Peep website to view their instructional video prior to installing the peep.  This was helpful to understand the basic design installation of the Loc-A-Peep.  There are also instructions included with the package that are sufficient to complete the installation.

Loc-A-Peep offers the Hunter Lite peep without tubing, and they offer the Hunter peep with tubing if you prefer this for consistent draw location.  They also offer colors in both red and black.  I saw on the Loc-A-Peep website that they are about to release their new Whisper peep made from noise elimination material.  I hope to get my hands on the Whisper as well to give that a try…if I do, I will post the results. 

Both the Hunter and Hunter Lite kits includes five apertures in 1/32″ increments.
Installation of the Loc-A-Peep Hunter Lite was very simple.  I used by bow press to relieve tension on the bowstring, split the string as you would for any peep installation, and installed the peep using the 1/4″ aperture (I like larger apertures for hunting situations).  Loc-A-Peep has an informative installation video on their website that explains how to install quickly.  I won’t bore you with details, but should mention that I used a dab of LOCTITE thread locker (blue) on the screws to eliminate the possibility of loosening during shooting.  Worth noting, you can loosen both installation screws slightly to adjust the peep location on your string, this is a nice feature for quick adjustments.  Let’s move on to the functional phase of my evaluation.

Screws lock the peep in place.The Hunter Self-Aligning Model.The Hunter Lite Model.

As I shot my bow with the Hunter Lite peep, I was pleasantly surprised by the consistent position of the aperture each time I held the bow at full draw, considering I did not use tubing.  This, of course, depends upon position of the peep within the string during installation.  The Hunter Lite never moved from its original position, and I was impressed with my field-of-view through the 1/4″ aperture of the peep.  I had no trouble zeroing in on the pins of my sight while viewing through the aperture.  I tried the Loc-A-Peep system in both bright and low light conditions, and did not have trouble seeing the pins in either situation.  I did not give up any accuracy while using the Hunter Lite 1/4″ peep, and yet my view was not restricted as it is with some peep sights.  The peep is an important piece of equipment on my bow because it enhances my accuracy greatly.  I have always used a peep sight, and now the Loc-A-Peep Hunter Lite provides me with one that installs quickly and stays in place on my string with having to serve it in, plus it provides five aperture sizes in one inexpensive pack.  I am anxious to try the new Whisper peep from Loc-A-Peep next.

Consistent draw position.

Specifications as Tested:

  •     Weight: Hunter Lite peep – 1/4″ aperture weighs 1.8 grams (28 grains)
  •     Weight: Hunter Lite peep – 1/8″ aperture weighs 1.9 grams (30 grains)
  •     Main body material: covers and body are plastic
  •     Hardware material: threaded inserts are black oxide coated brass
  •     Finish/Camo Pattern: red or black
  •     Retail Price for kit:  $15.99

I like the Loc-A-Peep Hunter Lite peep system.  I don’t like tubing, so the Hunter Lite was the best option for me.  If you don’t like having to tie serving to hold your peep in place on the string, then give this peep system a try.

Pros:  price – get multiple apertures for low price; quick installation (no serving); locks into place securely.

Cons:  adds some weight to string (about 28 grains).

To see the full line go to: Loc-A-Peep


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