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By Keith Dunlap
Nov 1, 2006 – 12:36:00 AM


Pro Release Inc. began in 1981, when Gary Todd designed the original Trophy Hunter release aid still used by many bowhunters today.  Pro Release has since produced durable and easy to use products that they stand behind 100%. The Thumper Small Game Hunting Blunts from Pro Release are no different.  I put these small game hunting blunt tips to the test and the results speak for themselves.
Initial Inspection

I received the package of 4 Thumper Small Game blunt hunting tips from Pro Release, and was anxious to evaluate them for accuracy, durability, and effectiveness.  Out of the package, all 4 Thumper hunting blunts are flawless in construction.  Each Thumper is green in color (also available in black), and made of a seemingly tough rubber-like plastic.  The head of The Thumper has 16 nipples.

According to the manufacturer, these nipples are strategically placed for high-shocking power and added effectiveness.  Each tip weighs 129 grains with an outside diameter of 0.75″.  The Thumper screws into standard arrow shaft inserts.  It has 7/16″ of threading on its shaft and the overall length of each Thumper is 1 7/8 of an inch.


Accuracy and Durability – The first test for this evaluation was to determine the accuracy with which these small game hunting blunts fly, while at the same time testing the durability of the Thumper blunt tips.  I was not disappointed.  I screwed The Thumper blunt tips into Carbon Express Maxima 350 arrows.  The total weight of each arrow with the Thumper was 403 grains.  The bow I used for the testing was a Bowtech Tribute with 70# draw weight and 29″ draw length?using a Trophy Ridge Dropzone rest.

I shot 30 arrows from 30 yards at a ¾” thick piece of #1 grade plywood with a 2″ orange dot for the bull’s-eye.  I was impressed at how consistent the Thumper tips flew from my bow.  Time and time again the Thumper found its mark on the 2″ orange dot.

When I moved closer to the plywood, at 20 yards, the force of the shot destroyed my arrow as shown in the picture to the left below?but The Thumper remained intact and ready to use again.  The picture to the right shows The Thumper after being shot at the plywood thirty times.  As you can see, this tip is still ready to use in the field.

Effectiveness – It was time to switch gear and use my longbow to hunt for rabbits to test the true effectiveness of The Thumper tips.  The longbow would be more effective for rabbits on the move than would be a compound bow with fixed pin sights.  I used a 21st Century 66″ longbow with 67-pound pull at a 28″ draw length.

One advantage I found immediately with The Thumper, as compared to judo points, was that it could penetrate the brush where the rabbits were sitting.  Judo points are very popular for small-game hunting with a bow, but they tend to get hung up on the brush and your arrow never makes it to the intended target when hunting rabbits.  Judo points have a blunted center surrounded by small spring arms, which snag in the brush and grass, thereby flipping the arrow up for easy retrieval.  These same spring arms will prevent a judo point from penetrating brush, reducing your chances of hitting a rabbit where rabbits tend to hang out.

I found that The Thumper did not become embedded or get hung up in the earth when I shot it into the grass or brush.  My arrow would hit its target and skim along the ground after I shot The Thumper into grass.  The Thumper penetrated brush very well and did not become hung up on branches or brush.

I was always able to retrieve my arrows during the hunt.  I was fortunate enough, during my hunting, to harvest a cottontail rabbit with the Thumper tip on my arrow.  The Thumper hit its mark on the rabbit, and that was all I needed to take home my trophy cottontail!  I won’t go into the details, suffice it to say the rabbit did not know what hit it!  It was so much fun that I am sure I will be doing more of it in the future.

Specifications as Tested

I don’t claim to be an expert when it comes to small game hunting with a bow and arrow, but I do know that The Thumper small game blunt hunting tip is accurate, durable, and effective from the tests I performed and the results in the field. Visit the web site of Pro Release Inc.



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