By: Roy K. Keefer

I’m always worried that I don’t take all of my gear with me on a hunting trip.  I’ve been known to forget things like the time I had to back track 50 miles to get the arrows I left at home.  You can bet one thing I don’t forget is my Bowmaster bow press.

If you’re not familiar with this piece of equipment, you should be.  The press is very compact and can serve many purposes when it comes to making repairs to your bow. 

The basic device is a cable system which attaches to the limbs on your bow.  As you turn the jack screw it shortens the cable and gently pulls the bow limbs inward releasing pressure as it goes.  Once you have the bow relaxed, you can install a peep sight or change the strings. 

The original Bowmaster will work on a majority of bows, however, an attachment is necessary for the newer past parallel bows.  The Split Limb L Bracket was designed for the past parallel limb bows. 

I have used the Bowmaster while in hunting camps to fix problems when I was too far away from the nearest bow shop.  Also, it is so easy to use I no longer have one of the large bow presses taking up space in my hunting equipment room. 

The Bowmaster is sold through authorized dealers and can also be found on the web at Amazon and Ebay.  Generally the basic Bowmaster is sold for around $50 and the L Bracket for an additional $20.  Sometimes you can find them at a better price.  For additional information go to