The Gobbler Covered The 100 Yards In A Flash, Zeroed In, Focused On The Life Like Decoys.

The gobbler cleared the tree and quickly stepped it off toward my decoys. In a whisper ‘The Duck’ asked me how many turkeys he could shoot? “Four,” I answered. For some reason, he sounded rattled.  

The jake gobbler closed in on the lifelike Dave Constantine Jake decoy.

I kept him in the video viewfinder. He was already up to the Jake decoy.

Then he passed the Hen decoy.

A few short steps past the Hen decoy the gobbler stopped, turned and looked back at the two decoys. I framed him up in the video and waited. A few seconds ticked off and I looked at the ‘Duck’ to see why he hadn’t shot yet — or if something was wrong.

He was aiming so I turned my attention back to the video situation. The Duck shot. The arrow knocked the jake gobbler completely off his feet and onto his back. In the video viewfinder, I could see the fletching on his Black Eagle Arrows crossbow bolt sticking up just past the downed gobbler.

This was over!

The Duck said something about it being a very short blood trail. I glanced around and saw 3 wild turkeys scattered around the visible area. We had two hours of hunting time remaining so we waited to make the recovery and take a picture.

In 10 minutes two hens investigated the decoys and the downed gobbler. 

We had 5 more hen visitors before the area was clear of wild turkeys. We also saw a number of whitetail deer.

Here is ‘The Duck” Don Beckwith with his second Rio Grande gobbler of this bowhunt at Jim Mitchel’s Red Oak Ranch.  

The Grim Reaper Broadheads  slogon is “Watch ‘Em Drop” and that is precisely what happened on this hunt, the gobbler dropped, right in his tracks. Duck used a Pro Series 3-blade Whitetail Special broadhead which hs a true 2″ wide cut and 3-inches of cutting surface. This broadhead shoots just like field points, which makes it much easier than most to sight it in accurately for both field point and broadhead shooting. 

Don Beckwith is using a crossbow this year, A Barnett Crossbow Wildcat.

His crossbow bolts are 22-inches in length and are aptly named the “Executioner”, made by Black Eagle Arrows. Both Don and I have praticed extensively with Black Eagle Arrows, for compounds and crossbows, and they shoot tight groups and are very tough.

Jim Mitchel’s Red Oak Ranch specializes in big trophy buck hunts. After you look at the website and see some of the monster bucks from this ranch, if you are interested in hunting there, or want more information, call Jim Mitchel at 325-642-7999 or message him on the Facebook page Red Oak Ranch Whitetail Hunting.