My Wild Turkey Bowhnt Turns Into A Wild Boar Hunt

By: Rick Philippi

By: Rick Philippi

The cool front came through North Texas this week and I thought it would be perfect for an afternoon wild turkey hunt. On my 200-yard walk to my stand I noticed a MONSTER BOAR rooting under some Oak trees.

Slowly I set down my back pack and knocked a BLACK EAGLE ARROW. The wind was perfect, in my face. I used a huge oak tree as a shield as I got within 22 yards. Going to full draw with my BTX BOWTECH, I picked my spot and released. The hit was perfect! The huge boar went 50 yards and piled up in sight. I took some pictures and continued to my stand to turkey hunt.

Sitting in my stand, I called two Long Bearded toms within 40 yards and they hung up. I attempted every tactic I knew to try and make them commit, but they would not have it. Here is a picture of one of them that I took on my iPhone.

It was still early in the hunt and up to this point the action was good.

All of a sudden, I heard a grunt in the timber behind me. 15 hogs were coming to my location.

I picked a spotted 90 pounder that I knew would be good eating. I sent the GRIM REAPER on its way. The hit was lethal and I watched the hog piled up within 40 yards.

I decided to call it a day as I had a lot of butchering to do before night set in. Nothing tastes better than fresh wild hog back straps.

I would like to take a moment and thank my sponsors. A tip of the hat to www.blackeaglearrows and Randy Kitts.

Also a special thanks to Jay and Matt at Grim Reaper Broadheads for making the best broadheads I have ever shot in my 49 years of bowhunting. Anyone reading this needs to give GRIM REAPER BROADHEADS a try. The performance of this head is second to none, PERIOD! 
Last and not least, thank you BOWTECH ARCHERY. I’ve been shooting your bows since 2001. Not once have they let me down.

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