Beginning with the origin of mankind in North America, a special place was made for bear hunters as communities began to form. Bringing a deer back to camp took skill and prowess, and tribal deerhunters used their bows and arrowes to provid food for everyone as well as the hides for clothing and tools. 

But the hunters that used their bows and arrows to harvest a bear had to have an additional inner strength and courage.

Robert Hoague and Fred Lutger with one of Robert’s Ontario Black Bears.

In modern days thousands of Spring Bear hunters and bowhunters make the long jaunt to the bear country of the North. Hordes of black flies meet them in the dense northern woods. Somehow, their bug dope and mosquito head nets will never keep all the pesky flying bugs out.

The weather will always be unstable, it can quickly change from cold to hot, clear to rain, calm to windy, and sometimes it even snows. At night they will forget about the persistent itch of their bug bites as they watch the sky in wonder as the Northern Lights shift and move across the starry night sky (I think it’s worth the trip for them alone).

Not every bowhunter will see a bear. Nor will all hunters who see a bear harvest one. But a respectable number will see bears. And many will put their bear tags on one.

Ask any bear hunter, the one who went once and saw only one, or the veteran who has hunted for thirty years, or the occasional one who crept out of the woods, terrified. They all remember the first bear they saw when they were sitting in the dense, expansive forest, with their bows in their hand, and watched as the bear came closer.

Bear hunting isn’t for everyone. When some see a bear they pack their gear – that day – for the trip back home. Others go over and over, because the passion that bear hunting rouses in them forces them to go every year.

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