Sportsman Tracker is proud to introduce HuntWise, the most advanced hunting app on the market. In today’s fast-paced society, time is precious. The HuntWise app allows hunters the ability to maximize their time and increase their effectiveness afield.

HuntWise predicts the best hunting times for 14 different species including white-tailed deer, waterfowl, turkey, upland game, wild boar, coyote, rabbit, squirrel, black bear, brown bear, black-tailed deer, moose, mule deer, and elk. With the HuntWise app, hunters can strap on their boots with the odds of a successful hunt on their side, based on 8-tracked variables to determine species-specific peak kill times. 

However, the HuntWise app is much more than a hunt predictor. Other features include a powerful GPS hunt mapping tool and active social sharing community, allowing hunters to share their experiences, tips, and tricks with hundreds of like-minded sportsmen around the country. With over 800,000 users, the Sportsman Tracker is one of the largest hunting and fishing communities in the world.

With the purchase of the HuntWise Pro Subscription, hunters also gain access to public and private land boundaries for all 50 states. The private land boundary feature gives hunters the confidence of knowing exactly where private property lines are and where they can and can’t hunt legally.

“At Sportsman Tracker, we build apps because we value seeing people come together in the midst of God’s creation and enjoying the community of outdoorsmen and the thrill of the pursuit.  I’ve been hunting and fishing my whole life and wouldn’t trade the relationships and memories I made for the world!”

-Jeff Courter, Sportsman Tracker, Founder and CEO.

Sportsman Tracker also offers FishWise, an app for anglers who want to optimize their efforts and increase fish on their line. Learn more about Sportsman Tracker, HuntWise, and FishWise by visiting”