“Redefining bow performance in a bow that 100% tunes to you.”

Jason Balazs goes over the Bowtech Reign 6 in this 2017 bow review. Bowtech’s Reign 6 is more than just a high performing compound bow that projects arrows at 350 feet per second! Bowtech Archery has refined and harmonized their SmartBow technologies to work flawlessly together, providing the ultimate in performance, accuracy, as well as ease of tunability.

The heart of the Reign 6 is its redesigned OverDrive Binary Cams that provides the only bow that tunes 100% to you. A bow with this exceptional speed usually does not feel as good ar this bow, but Bowtech’s SmartBow provides outstanding performance and the smooth draw and shooting you desire. You must feel it to believe it.

For more on Bowtechs line of bows, head to bowtecharchery.com.