Rick Philippi Reviews The New BOWTECH’S REIGN 7 – The Most Advanced SmartBow Ever Built

This week I received my new Bowtech Reign 7 and headed out to Cinnamon Creek Archery in Ft. Worth, Texas to get it set up.  For those within a two-hour drive of this mecca facility it is worth your time and effort to stop by and visit the number one archery facility in the USA.  They have over 80 acres of indoor and outdoor facilities for shooting and family fun.  My favorite guy tech that sets up my bows is a gentleman by the name of Willie Tinsley.  After Willie sets up you bow, you will never want anyone else to touch anything you shoot!

After Willie set up my new Reign 7, I headed straight to the coronagraph.  My bow was set on 60# and shooting a smoking 292 FPS! 

I then went to Cinnamon Creek’s indoor range.  The Reign 7  shoots smooth and drawing it so easy. In ten minutes I was shooting quarter sized groups at 20 yards.  I enjoyed shooting this awesome creation and literally could not put it down.  

Bowtech’s Reign 7 has all of Bowtech’s notable technologies that create compound bows that are smooth, quiet and more balanced and shooter friendly.

Reign 7 specs

  • Axle-to-Axle 32 5/8
  • Brace Height 7”
  • Let off 80%
  • Draw Length 25”-31”
  • Mass Weight 4,3lbs.
  • ATA/IBO Speed 349 FPS
  • Draw weight 50,60 and 70

The Reign 7 is designed for those seeking the smoothest drawing, most forgiving and balanced bow. It tunes 100% to the shooter.

  The Reign 7 has the PowerShift technology providing distinct draw cycle options predicated off of the shooters preference.  The Reign 7 would not be a SmartBow without the ability to harness complete control with the OverDrive Binary Cams, providing a bow that tunes 100% to the shooter!  The 7” brace height not only is effortless to draw with enhanced stability, it also can launch an arrow at 340 FPS.

Take a second and jump out to www.bowtecharchery.com to check out the full line-up of SMART-BOWS that Bowtech offers for 2017.

Below is a brief intruductory video about the Reign 7 from the BowTech Archery web site.