By Robert Hoague

I love taking pictures of deer. And I’ve been lucky enough to do that actively for the last 30 years, and in particular since I began back in 1996, when I began accumulating a following of  people that I could share my deer pictures with, year round.

Plenty of people enjoy taking deer and other wildlife pictures but don’t actually take very many. It’s due to a number of factors. Many don’t have a close-by place where there are deer. Others don’t know when the “right time” is to take pictures.

When I kicked off my deer picture life I didn’t know the answers to some important things; when do bucks, in my area, shed their antlers? When do they start growing their new antlers? How long does growing their new antlers take? How much do they move around during the antler growing? Where are they during the year?

Onward: Let’s Take Some More Pictures.

Here is a picture from mid April this year. Look this buck over; in particular, his stomach and the size of his neck.

A day later another buck shows up in a nearby area. Check him out too; same thing: the size of his belly and neck. Also you may have noticed that their faces look quite different.

Below is a buck that is angling toward us. You can see his starter antlers.

Ok, he is even closer now. You clearly can see the bulbous growth we talked about on each new antler.

And at a little bit closer you can see the bulbous skin is growing out of each velvet antler.

You may have already known about this stage of antler growth; but maybe not, either way you now know more about a whitetail buck’s antler growth than the majority of deer hunters.