Here In The Not So Wide Open Places There Are Plenty Of Other Places For Deer To Go If Your Place Gets Too Hog-A-Fied For Them. I Want To Keep That From Happening.

Robert Hoague

Yesterday I cleaned up the inside of one of my ground blinds that is in the middle of where the wild hogs have been showing up. This morning I went there. No deer showed up until it was good picture taking light.

whitetail deer picture by robert hoague

Not long after seeing the first doe there were several in the area. Here are four poking around in the plowed area.

whitetail deer picture by robert hoague

A young buck came up on my right and starred in my direction. You never know if they saw or smelled you, or not.

whitetail buck picture in July by robert hoague

He didn’t.

whitetail buck picture in July by robert hoague

I took a picture of a fawn walking through the woods in the direction of the plowed area.

whitetail fawn picture in July by robert hoague

Seconds before the fawn got to the plowed up place two wild hogs slipped out of the surrounding thick brush. The fawn stopped at the edge and watched them.

whitetail fawn and wild hogs picture in July by robert hoague

A doe near me saw the hogs and ran for the woods to the east.

whitetail doe picture in July by robert hoague

Now 3 hogs were nosing around in the plowed ground. I took a second hog picture and picked up the .22 and waited for an opportunity.

wild hogs

The three wild hogs moved around constantly. I saw an opportunity possibility in the making as two of the hogs lined up one behind the other. The safety was already off and I aimed carefully. The one in front jolted and the one behind it hit the ground. But they both scrambled off and stopped in about 50 yards. As I aimed at one I noticed that another hog was coming my way.

The .22 doesn’t make much noise and apparently this new hog was not concerned. When he stopped I .22ed it too. The hog ran back the way it came and I saw it go down in the brush. Yikes, three hogs, a total of 4. Some hog control was going on.

In 20 minutes deer began to return to the area. This doe was to my left and difficult to see in the thick weeds and brush. Can you see the fawn with her?

Whitetail deer pictures in July by Robert Hoague

Another doe walked to the wood’s edge and looked the entire area over carefully.

Whitetail doe pictures in July by Robert Hoague

Once the doe came into the immediate area other deer followed.

Whitetail deer pictures in July by Robert Hoague

The last deer I saw was the Mushroom Head buck.

Mushroom Head came over to the plowed area and poked around in the dirt and weeds. When he left I checked all around and called it a morning well spent.

Whitetail doe picture in July by Robert Hoague

You probably can’t tell for sure but none of the July 17 bucks have been around. They just hate wild hogs.

Later in the day I picked up the game camera pictures and learned for sure that the bigger bucks were not hanging out in my area until late. Also a group of wild hogs came up at 8:30 and went to the plowed dirt.

Tomorrow at 8:00 I’ll be in their mix. And this afternoon I’ll be on the watch for that late in the day buck.



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