Rick Philippi

I remember getting my first bow like it was yesterday. It was a Damon Howatt, and that was back in 1967. Wow, how the years have gone by! I shot 1,000’s of arrows through that bow and that is how I fell in love with the sports of archery and bowhunting. I actually hunted 15 years before I took my first deer with a bow! But that’s another story.

Last week my little grandson, whose name is Austin, was over at my house. He went into my game room to see all my mounts and he began asking me questions about each and every animal that hung on my wall. I knew he had a birthday coming up so I asked him what he would like for his birthday from Bow Daddy (me) and Gigi (my wife Cathy). Austin sat there thinking and couldn’t come up with anything, so I chimed in.

“How about a new bow?, I asked. His eyes lit up and he did not hesitate, he said YES!

I jumped out to www.diamondarchery.com to check out their web-site. After much research and talking with Austin’s dad, we decided on the Diamond Prism. The main feature that sold us on this bow was the adjustable draw weight settings, this bow could be set from 5 lbs. up to a heavier 55 lbs. draw weight. Austin would be able to shoot the Diamond Prism for years to come.

Sooo, Austin and I sat down with my laptop and I showed him the Diamond Prism on the Diamond Archery website and told him he could pick from the 7 different color options. It took one millisecond for him to say he wanted the Camouflage print.

The bow arrived in three days.

Austin with his new Prism compound bow from Diamond Archery.

My wife Cathy “Gigi” took Austin out to Cinnamon Creek Archery to get Austin’s new bow set up for him. My man, Willie, who sets up bows, had Austin set up and familiar with the bow in no time! Willie explained to Austin how to draw his new bow and how to anchor, aim and shoot. Austin listened intensely to every word that Willie said and soon he was shooting like a champ, Willie set the poundage for Austin’s Bow at 14-lbs. and the draw length at 18-inches.

Cathy Philippi with her grandson Austin and his new Diamond Prism compound bow.

As I alluded to, the Diamond Prism provides versatility and adjustability! The draw length modules offer a range of 12-inch adjustments, this feature allows the bow to grow with the archer. This bow comes fully equipped with a bowsight, stabilizer, bowquiver and arrow rest. After Willie was finished Austin was ready to go. All you need to do is buy arrows.

Scroll down on the Diamond Prism webpage to check out all the Diamond Prism reviews from the customers, the reviews are all so positive. As of this writing there were 18 reviews. Out of 5 stars the reviews averaged 4.8.

Happy Birthday Austin and enjoy shooting you new bow!

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