July 7-9 In The Deer Woods

Highlights Of The Deer Woods On July 7-9 as the Deer Story Continues…

By Robert Hoague

Here are the highlights of the deer I took pictures of on July 7, 8 and 9. This past weekend the deer moved later than expected (by me). The growing buck below was out and about browsing on weeds in the natural grass.

The buck below is actually a different buck. He is smaller bodied and has no brow tines.

But he had a shared interest in the same thing the previous buck had, browsing in random growth found in the natural prairie grass.

A variety of spring weeds and other natural plants are growing to the north of my camera blind. A Doe came up from that direction and stopped to look over the surrounding area. A Fawn was behind her.

The Doe walked out of the weeds and the Fawn moved up to the edge and stopped and watched the Doe.

And a second Fawn took her place on the edge and it watched the Fawn and Doe before following after them.

Later that day I noticed a Fawn in my front yard. I got in position to take it’s picture and it co-operated very nicely by cruising across the Caliche road I live by.

I have not seen bucks yet that have very many points, and frankly that is not unusual in June and the first half of July. I dumped out some high protein deer pellets over the weekend. The buck below found the protein pellets right away. He has 8 points.

And now we start the vigil for the 2nd week of July in the Deer Woods.


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