By: Ted Nugent
By: Ted Nugent

My dearest grandson Felix, Welcome to planet earth and the loving Nugent & Kennedy families and America at 1:07am on July 28, 2017 youngman!

Those 1st 9 months were as comfy as it is going to get, but be prepared for one hell of an exciting journey in this never ending adventure called LIFE! Lucky lucky you to be born into such a loving, caring, nurturing family Felix! As time goes on you will come to discover just how lucky you are.

Your mom and dad and entire family are as good as humans can be, so you will grow up in an environment that many people will never know. Count your blessings daily!

Your last 18 hours inside mom before finally popping out proves that you are a member of a fighting clan! Never lose touch with the importance of fighting and never giving up no matter the odds against you. Your wonderful mother can fill you in on all the gory details and how it is always worth it.

On July 28, 2017, you enter two very different worlds Felix. The best one is the world of your family, where love, DISCIPLINE, attentiveness, honesty, truth, logic, commonsense, goodwill and decency guide our every day, our every thought, our every decision.

Baby Felix enters the world: 1:07am on July 28, 2017

The other world is sadly and embarrassingly a world gone bad where there is runaway hate, deceit, evil, and the tragic inexplicable scourge of political correctness and all the savage dishonesty that goes with it.

We are very sorry that truth, logic and commonsense is basically against the law across America and very rare commodities in this day and age.

You will come to know that your grandpa Ted fought valiantly throughout my life to right these wrongs, and honest history will make you very proud of my indefatigable efforts to squash political correctness and the harm it has wreaked.

Your mother and father are the best of the best and will guide you properly for a wonderful quality of life.

I’m sure your dad will teach you the basics, but your grandpa Ted is already pushing 69 years so I want to lay the grandpa 101 foundation for you in written form.

Listen very closely to mom and dad and obey their every word no matter the temptation to question or defy them. They know best and their love for you is their only motivation.

Your mom and dad will teach you how important honesty is. Never sway.

Your dad will teach you how to do chores so as to be an asset to your loving family. Do your chores to the very best of your ability every day without being reminded. This is the sign of a great man.

Your ultimate happiness will come from putting in a good, hard days work. You will sleep soundly at night.

Your dad will show you how to handle tools. Hammers, saws, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers and assorted hand tools and power tools are far more important than electronic devices. Learn to handle them well. Be sure you work with your hands often. Learn to fix things on your own.

You must always have a large, clean handkerchief on you.

You must always have a pocket knife, wallet, a little cash, ID, chapstick, pen, pocket flashlight, lighter and belt tool on your person everyday everywhere you go. Know the Boy Scout motto “Always be prepared” and live it.

Learn to sharpen blades.

Your cellphone must always be fully charged and on you.

When your dad determines that you are ready, you will learn to properly and safely handle an array of firearms. Follow your dad’s directions very closely. Your familiarity and comfort level and proficiency with firearms is an essential and serious responsibility in life. They will serve you well.

In spite of the soulless world of political correctness, you must know that the only gun law that matters is to never point any weapon at anything you are not willing to destroy. Burn that into your psyche and soul and demand it from everybody everywhere everytime. Whenever in the presence of a firearm, maximize your level of awareness and watch and control all muzzles.

You will learn the Golden Rule and live it.

Your dad will teach you the art of archery, and discover how the mystical flight of the arrow can and will be the path of your life. Aim small, miss small, be the arrow.

You will painfully discover that when you give the world the best you got, oftentimes you will get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you got anyway.

Trust no one other than family. Eliminate liars, scammers and cheaters from your life. They will only bring you down.

Your individual American Dream has no boundaries, but it will never happen unless you are clean and sober and avoid drugs, alcohol, tobacco and nasty foods at all costs. Refuse to associate with stoners and drunks. They are the lowest forms of life and will destroy everyone and everything around them.

God gifted you a sacred temple and a limitless spirit. Treat them both with reverence.

Your dad started young and you too will follow in his footsteps. Aim small, miss small, dream large.

You dad is a great hunter and I hope you become one as well. The miraculous gift of wildlife is the foundation of life itself, and our reasoning predator instinct will guide you to balance the herds each fall and share the rocket fuel of pure venison with family, friends and your fellow man. Kill clean and follow your conscience.

You will walk sacred grounds and sacred forests with your mom and dad. We planted those forests and you should plant trees every spring. Always put more back that you take.

Never be afraid to fight for what you believe in. Your greatest gift was being born in America. Know her history. Understand how we got here by killing those who would enslave us. Know the cost of this precious experiment in self-government. Know that freedom is not free. Identify those who threaten it and fight them like the devils they are. Never back down. Never give up. Never give in.

Politics is NOT the art of compromise. We have compromised America into a feeble shadow of her former self. Fight like you mean it. Spotlight cockroaches and stomp them out of existence. Improvise, adapt and overcome.

As an American, you were born to raise hell. If you are not driving the enemy nuts, you are the enemy.

You will read and hear many nasty, hateful lies about your grandpa Ted. This is because I drive the enemies of America batty and they are driven to maniacal dishonesty. Listen to people who know me, not the ones who hate me. You will be proud of me.

Take a deep breath everyday Felix and look to the heavens and thank God almighty. Live this precious, miraculous life to the fullest. You are surrounded by the greatest people and the most intense love the world has to offer. Soak it in and reciprocate everyday. Be the very best you can be in everything you do and happiness is yours.

I love you Felix with all my American heart and soul. We will go hunting soon!  PoppyTed

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