Still Not Much Growing. Yet, Some Bucks Drop In.

Robert Hoague

Deer are passing through here early, when it’s still too dark to see anything except a horizontal shaped objects. And daylight comes in at a crawl. You can’t tell if any of those shapes are bucks or not, even with the binoculars.

But daylight gradually gets some light at ground level.

Taking pictures is tricky in this extremely low light situation. Most of the first pictures taken do not have good detail, as you can see in the picture below.

Sometimes I mess up and don’t get the entire deer in the frame, like below where I cut the buck’s antlers off.

Here are three bucks that have a some more antler growing to do.

Here is another buck.

And another buck. We’ve seen him already this morning, and the lighter colored buck as well.

Below is a picture of my Protein Feeder. I have a game camera watching it and picking up its SD card is on my agenda for today. We’ll find out what’s going on with it.

When the sunlight sent streaks of light through the trees and the open area the bucks all left. Soonafter, a doe with a fawn came to the food plot area.

Green sprigs are popping up in the plowed strip and these two deer are making sure none of them are too tall.

That’s it for the deer woods report.