Outdoor Writer And Modern Bow Setup Expert Cindy Lavender Came Over To Bowhunt Wild Hogs. It went Like This.

Cindy Lavender

Cindy’s job took her to Texas this year and I invited her down to bowhunt wild turkey and wild hogs. She came twice during wild turkey season with her friend Cowboy Steve.

On the first hunt Cindy went with me and we set up on a good morning area for wild turkey and listened and called. The wind was up and we didn’t hear them anywhere. Cowboy Steve went with the Duck and they had a similar windy and gobblerless experience.

The ‘Duck’ cooked a big breakfast of venison sausage, eggs and home fries and afterward he took Cindy to the main ranch pond and loaned her one of his bass rods. She knew what to do with it.

The ‘Duck” (Don Beckwith) and Cindy Lavender bass fishing on the lands main pond.

That afternoon we hunted in one of Donald Duck’s prize wooden blinds that he calls the “Condo.” When hogs came through treestand hunter Cindy found out about what can misshappen in cramped quarters when you take a shot and the arrow hits the top of the shooting window.

The ‘Duck’ built this nifty ground blind and named it the “Condo.”

Late in the afternoon we heard some gobblers passing through our general area on their way to the roost but we didn’t get any action.

We made plans for another wild hog bowhunt. On the afternoon Cindy and Steve were on the way for that hunt I was glassing the area. Bingo, I saw a group of mixed age wild hogs. So I quietly returned home and texted Cindy to see how far away they were. They were about 15 miles away, so I texted, “Call me when you turn on my road and can talk.” We needed to make a plan to take those hogs up on this opportunity.

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