The hunting season is in full swing and our clients have already had a lot of success in the hunting field. They managed to harvest from big dangerous game like Buffalo through to small game like Duiker, all of them being equally challenging.

After all the planning and hard work, our blinds seem to have paid off. They were put to the test, early in the season already with all the challenges the diverse archers brought to the camp.

I promised you, in the last newsletter, that we will be chatting about why we did our blinds the way they are and how to choose the best direction and location for a successful blind.  There are a few factors that play a role when building a blind.

They are as follows:

  1. Wind direction; pick the right location according to your wind direction. In our part of the world we also get cold fronts coming through which change our normal wind direction from north east to south. Pay attention to possible different wind directions.  
  2. Game approaching direction; keep in mind from which side you would think most game would come when approaching the waterhole as you do not want to be in their path. 
  3. Cover; try to put most of your blind in shade or somewhere where there is a bit of cover as the blind needs to blend in in its surrounding.
  4.  Keep your shot distances under 20 yards. All our blinds are built with an average shot distance of 16 yards with the closer shot at minerals at 12 yards and the longest shot at the water being 19 yards.  
  5. Pit blinds; at Dries Visser Safaris we prefer the concrete “pit” blinds. Our pit blinds are built approx. 1 meter in the ground. This way hunters can identify the sex on game much easier and shot placements is also much easier than shooting from elevated hides.
  6. Sent and noise control; our blinds are also very close to airtight for smell and noise control. All windows as well as the door can seal almost 100%. We also have carpeted floors to help control noise.
  7. Keep your blind dark on the inside so that the game cannot see movements after opening the windows to shoot.
  8. Built some nice video / glassing windows. Our blinds are built with all the glassing windows at the same high as when you sit on your chair. This way you do not have to stand up a lot of times to go peak through a window to see if you have some game coming in. We have glassing windows on 3 sides of the blind, except the back wall. We also make use of 1 way glass. This way the game cannot see any movement inside the blind.
  9. Make sure that your shooting windows are the right height, so that you can accommodate youth hunters as well.

As I mentioned before, we had the opportunity to put different kinds of hunters to the test in our new blinds. One of these hunts was a father and son, sharing the same passion for hunting. 9 year old Kannon accompanied his dad Jason and uncle Ben to Africa and we would like to share their testimonial and footage of their great hunt. Unforgettable memories where build and strong bonds were reinforced.

Kannon Thomas Seim – 9 June 2017 – 18 June 2017

Jason Thomas Seim: I had been dreaming of hunting South Africa with Dries Visser Safaris since the late 1990’s. When I received one of my first bow hunting video’s from them in the mail. Fast forwarding nearly 20 years and at a different time and place in my life, I decided it was time to make the dream become a reality. With the blessing of my wife, I was able to bring my nine year old son Kannon and my older brother Ben to hunt with Dries in June 2017.

The booking and arrangements for our hunt were almost effortless. Upon arrival we were greeted like family and introduced to our PH’s for the hunt. My son and I were paired with Antonie and my brother would be hunting with Hein. They somehow seemed to have given us the perfect PH’s for each of us. For any Bowhunter dreaming of hunting South Africa, you own it to yourself to book with Dries Visser Safaris and look no further.

The quality and quantity of game was phenomenal. If you hunt smart and listen to your PH, you will most certainly have a dream hunt. We were able to successfully harvest Kudu, Gemsbuck, Impala, Warthog, Wildebeest and Blesbuck.

My nine year old son was able to take 5 animals alone with his crossbow. With all of our animals harvested with one spare day remaining, Antonie treated us to a wonderful day of sightseeing and upland bird hunting for dove, guinea fowl and Franklins.

For many, hunting South Africa is truly a trip of s lifetime. I believe we as bow hunters need to start concentrating on spending our resources on experiences rather than material things.

This trip with my son and my brother has certainly been the trip of a lifetime. If you would like to experience the same, please don’t risk booking with any other Outfitter other than Dries Visser Safaris. 


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