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By: Brian

            Summer is coming to an end and the month of August has been jam packed for me. Finishing up travel baseball for my son, family trip to Hershey Park, travel soccer practice starting and school begins very soon. Each day has been full of important things to do in preparation for my trip to Kentucky. Don’t ask me how but I am squeezing in time each day to talk with Lee Salsgiver, look at trail camera pics, shoot my Athens Revelation bow, get my G-Force Evolved Camo washed and stored, and get everything else completed on the Honey-do-List.

            Lee and I are daily communication through test, Facebook, and Messenger. He keeps showing me pictures of bucks that are coming to the mineral sites and hitting the beans. I have been asking about the deer as the eastern part of Kentucky is being hit with EHD! The last thing I want to have happen is that my trip gets cancelled due to this horrible plague that is hitting deer herds. Lee has been patient with me, calmly explaining that they have yet to see any cases in Lewis County and that I should not have to worry about it. The trail camera pics he is sharing with me show the great genetics that they have in Lewis County. I am so impressed with the growth the bucks have put on since the first group of pictures he sent me. To be honest, I am already having trouble sleeping at night.

            Along with speaking to Lee, I have made it a point to shoot my Athens Revelation 6 each and every day. This bow is by far one of the best bows I have every shot. The Black Eagle Zombie Slayers fly so great out of this set up. I have spent time tweaking the bow each day making sure that the arrows fly true with the practice heads from Grim Reaper. Small adjustments to my Dead Center Archery Products Dead Level Hunter Stabilizers have helped me maximize the bow’s potential. Shooting in my basement and walk back tuning.  I like to shoot out to 80 yards in my backyard and can say, this bow has certainly boosted my confidence. I absolutely love this entire set up.

            One of the new items I am using this year is the ProTX Kevlar Armored Hand Guard from Shooting Edge. This glove is worn on your shooting hand to help protect you from anything that might happen to your arrow when shooting. This is a new concept for me but this glove fits great and it is really comfortable. I wore it for the first time the other day at a local 3-D shoot and was surprised at how well I adapted and how comfortable and secure it felt.  I was able to shoot a 308 on 30 targets and people asked me all kinds of questions about the glove. It’s like a lot of safety based products in that you never realize how much you need them until some smart guy invents and manufactures one. With the majority of arrows being carbon, the risk of splintering and impaling your bow hand is relatively high. Just one mishap and your shooting career is over. Now that I am aware of the chances and have seen some of the unlucky results,  I am happy to add some extra protection to my routine. I shoot the best carbon shafts made today from Black Eagle and I always flex each one and check for any damage before and while I am shooting but you never know when something freaky might happen.

We wear seat belts, why not a ProTX Glove that is comfortable and provides a better grip on the bow while ensuring our bow hand is protected?

            While the rest of the nation was waiting to see the eclipse, I was adding Nature’s Essence Products laundry detergent to the wash to make sure my G-Force Evolved Camo is scent free and ready for the hunt. My kids kept me updated on the eclipse and I was working on packing things into scent free bags. I have been packing my light season camo, binoculars, ThermaCELL, U-Slide bow holder, Buck Cage, and anything else I can fit into my packs. While the last of my camo was washing I had a moment to go online and get my Kentucky hunting license. I went to, found the link to the Kentucky Fish and Game and in less than 10 minutes, as a first time customer, I was able to purchase my tags and print them off.

            The 10 day count down is on but I have more to do before I leave. My friends are worrying about Fantasy Football and all I can think about is Velvet Bucks in Kentucky. I know my Fantasy draft is on the 31st of August and I am sure my concentration will be lacking as I can’t wait to leave for Kentucky!

            Stay Tuned for the conclusion of my quest!

Sponsored by: Black Eagle Arrows & Grim Reaper Broadheads

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